Daily Nature Fix: In the Desert. (Original Photos)

4년 전

Good evening, everyone. Today's Daily Nature Fix was inspired by a photo I entered into @kus-knee's "The Mundane as Art" contest ((https://steemit.com/mundaneart/@kus-knee/the-old-dog-presents-the-mundane-as-art-round-15-fence-posts)). It was a photo from Death Valley and looking through those photos made me want to share a few more memories from that trip.

^^^One of my favorite places in Death Valley National Park was here: The Racetrack Playa. This is a big, dry lake bed. It's perfectly flat and is covered with cracked mud. This is also the home Death Valley's famous "Sailing Rocks" that appear to move on their own.

^^^Here is a crude grave marker in a genuine wild west ghost town. As you can see, it was pretty much two pieces of wood somewhat tied together with metal wire. It felt like you stepped back in time 100 years when visiting this place.

^^^This was taken while driving along a real rough and tumble back road. The mountains in this area were full of so many different minerals and elements that it made a huge array of colors. Iron was very abundant and made that red/orange soil.

^^^Last, is the photo that I entered into that contest I mentioned in the beginning of this post. It was an old, weathered fence post with the ruins of an old building in the distance. This was in that ghost town I just mentioned and, if I remember correctly, it used to be a bank.

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*** These daily blogs showcase the natural world. It is all original content using photos, stories, and experiences from my own travels. ***

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Death valley is amazing, so cool (actually boiling), but what an amazing part of this incredible world. I have been lucky enough to drive through death valley! When I was in furnace creek it was almost 120F! Crazy!

Stunning landscape and stunning pictures, love it!

Wow, Death Valley is a strong name, has ghost stories or why do you call it that?


lol It really is a strong name; I guess I never really thought about it. It get's it's name because it's one of the most inhospitable places on Earth. Actually, the hottest weather temperature ever recorded was here. 56.7°C (134.1 °F) back in 1913.


wow surprising, I imagined it was a town and suddenly mysteriously all died. hehehehe my imagination, thank you for clarifying the origin of that name. ;)

The rare beauty of the desert.

Love it!