Daily Nature Fix: Winter Waterfalls. (Original Photos)

2년 전

Hi guys! This one is going to be a bit more brief than usual. I just picked up Red Dead Redemption 2 and I'm super excited to play it a bit, but it has a good hour and a half to copy the data files first. Just enough time to slap a post up on the Steemit webs.
Tonight we have a few photos of waterfalls in Iceland, in winter. I've got three of them here and they're pretty much the three most popular ones in the country. Starting things off, we have Gullfoss:

^^^At 105 feet tall, this beast totes 4,900 cubic feet of water PER SECOND rushing down over its rock layers. Gullfoss here is also a stop on "the Gold Circle" - a loop route that visits the most popular tourist attractions.

^^^This is Seljalandsfoss. It's a skinny one, but it's just about 200 feet tall and it's total free-fall style waterfall. In fact, you can walk all the way behind it and out the other side. Not so much in the winter, though. See all of that fine mist around the falls? That all collects on the trail in the winter and freezes over. Everything ends up with a thick layer of ice on it and is rather dangerous.

^^^This is Skógafoss. Oh, before I go on... did you notice the "foss" part of all three names?? That means "waterfall" in Icelandic. Anyway, Skógafoss is almost the exact same hight as Seljalandsfoss, but it's much wider; nearly 85 feet wide. It's one of my favorite waterfalls in the country. This was taken during one of Iceland's winter sunsets, which last nearly two hours. At this moment, the sun near the horizon cast a golden glow over everything. I've heard the photography term "golden hour" before, so maybe this was it? It almost made a neat little rainbow as a bonus.

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*** These daily blogs showcase the natural world. It is all original content using photos, stories, and experiences from my own travels. ***

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Can i call thatt a colourful waterfall?

Amazing captures of the waterfalls. Love the color and how pristine they look.

Dayam! Great shots! I wanna go to Iceland now

Nice! Enjoy gaming, the graphics look insane on the new one, crazy!

I can’t wait for my Iceland trip in January even more now 😀

The water spilling over the waterfalls looks so pristine. With what is happening all over the globe, to have water that appears to have alluded the contamination that man regularly dumps into our waterways and oceans is refreshing. I just posted content on water. If you get a chance take a peek. Name of the post is WATER WATER EVERYWHERE, BUT NOT A DROP TO DRINK.
Great photos.

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