Unexpected surprises, when you really focus on one thing!

4개월 전

Hi,my friends!
Dear reader, I am very sorry, my English is very bad, it may affect your reading experience, I hope you can understand and correct. thank you very much!
Yesterday was a great day for me, and not just because of the weekend.I went to a suburban park that I had been to before.When I put aside some troubles in my life and work and focus on the things in front of me, I found that the things I was familiar with can still be more beautiful and enjoyable when you observe them more carefully.

The reeds are flowering, or fruit, I am a bit uncertain. When I watched it from a close distance, I realized that this can be so beautiful! I used to only pay attention to "Wow, that is a large reed", like the picture below.


What makes me more happy is that I finally seriously noticed that there were different varieties of reeds here, and they had different colors of flowers, which made me feel very beautiful!




I used these to decorate and took a photo of myself. Haha, it looks like there are a lot of golden beards on my face! I really like this photo and use it in my self-introduction that I posted yesterday. Of course there are some other things that look great.




Two species of grass, whose name I don't know, also show different shapes and colors on close inspection, and even two colors on the same grass (perhaps due to the difference between mature and immature).Whether you notice it or not, the magical creator does create a unique form and beauty for every creature.


I could not see the water in the green pond, but I knew there were fish swimming below.


A blooming flower, saying that it is a miracle, may be a bit exaggerated, but for the north that has entered the fall, it is still rare to open such a flower now!


A quiet wooden plank road gave me enough comfort and comfort, which made my mood very quiet. Thank you for everything the Lord has given me!
In light of these findings, I have some new thinking. Life and work often create some trouble for us, but after we complain, can we try to look at these issues from different perspectives? Use more detailed and focused observations to discover the beauty that we usually ignore. The good thing always exists, the key is whether you are willing to discover it!


All pictures were taken by myself.If you like, you can use it freely (except for avatar photos)

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