Christmas is here again

2년 전

The mini spring period that we had for a week is over and today it was a very appropriate day for Christmas!


I spent the whole day inside, except for showing my nose outside through the windows to capture that winter fairy tale.


It was so charming and peaceful to see the large snowflakes falling throughout the whole day that in the end I placed a tea candle near the window, sat down for half an hour just looking and enjoying it.


It looks like there are at least 50sm new snow.. Congrats for the skiers :)



Photo 23.02.19, 18 34 05.jpg

Wish you all a great evening!

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Thank you :)

I had to do a double take when I saw your heading. I thought for a moment I'd slept through the entire year and it was Christmas again!

Thankfully not, although sometimes I feel 10 months of sleep wouldn't be a bad thing.

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Sounds great to me also to be honest. 10 months of sleep :D wouldn’t mind it at all


Stop teasing me...I'd be happy to get 10 hours in a row! 😂

I hope you're well D, been a while but good to see you post recently. Take care huh? 😋

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Oh Wow! I have never seen this even though I have friends that own a ski lodge in the French Alps and also friends in other parts of the world where it snows. Here in South Africa it's way too hot for snow. I also like you candle in the window idea. Looks so great! Blessings!


Thanks a lot for your comment @papilloncharity. Not at all bad to have snow :) I like it.


Now please don't get me wrong here, as I think that I would also like snow but I have never seen much of it. Maybe one day!