Amazing nature #35 - Snub-nosed monkeys

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Today we will be meeting a very strange species that was discovered almost a decade ago bone is almost new to public and scientific knowledge, it is a monkey that lives in Myanmar was nicknamed as the snub-nosed monkeys, this strange species of colobine monkey was found in Burma, not that it has no nose, but to be so lifted it seems that it has no nose.


The humid or rainy climate gives him allergy and begins to sneeze, also has problems with certain allergens such as pollen from certain flowers.


The people of Myanmar, say it is common to run into these strange friends, who frequent populated areas when the rains are approaching, placing his head between his legs to super protect his delicate nose.


The Rhinopithecus strykeri was a species that was only limited to scientific knowledge by some evolutionary references and the only visual references were illustrations they had of reconstructed images. But in 2010 a team of photographers from Fauna & Flora International, is interesting as they continue to find species in natural areas, species that despite climate change and the constant threat of exterminating their environment continue in the struggle for life, photographers from Fauna & Flora International are the first team that managed to effectively place 4 cameras located in the most lush forests of the state of Kachin, where they were able to take the first graphs of this rare but friendly monkey.


The first images recorded with the cameras are not the best, but at least we could see the aesthetics of the animal, where you can see that it has almost no nose, an organ indispensable in some species to protect from toxic agents, dust and allergens. Thanks to the advanced technology of modern cameras, allows them to withstand extreme conditions either high or low temperatures adding long-lasting batteries make it possible to capture truly amazing images in the wild.


The rains provoke in the monkey without nose crises of sneeze and allergy mainly in the humid climate. The Rhinopithecus strykeri is highly threatened by the disappearance of its habitat and indiscriminate house. The first specimens were victims of poachers. In many parts of the planet, there are these types of activities that do not cease to threaten species in their natural state. It is estimated that there were between 300 and 400 specimens that inhabit some 270 square kilometers of Burma's forest.


The safety and destiny of these strange primates are seriously threatened because there are no naturalistic policies for their conservation, added to the sustained and gradual deterioration of their habitat. The lack of knowledge and the popular strata that live in rural areas have lost the sense of belonging due to the offers that many times make companies that look for profit under the exploitation of some natural resource. Due to the small number of specimens, they have little chance of surviving an aggressive impact of forest destruction, and it is estimated that less than 10 years will disappear completely.


At present, the fate of these strange primates is far from assured. Hunting risks are now being compounded by deforestation and habitat destruction, which is rapidly reaching its territories in northern Myanmar. Their population is too small to survive a strong impact, and they could disappear from the land within the next decade.
However, pro-animal activist groups are taking action to prevent their extinction. They already have an exclusive protection zone where there are approximately 100 monkeys without noses, deforestation in the area has not ceased and hunting has increased in recent years. Although it is not a visually attractive species, it is an endangered species and it is our duty as a species to protect it so that it remains in time and passes its endangered stage of extinction.

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Wow, they're beautiful!

i like this post u have so cute the monkeys i wish i could see them in real

lovely photos :) Cheers!


Thanks for your nice comment! Cheers =D

OMG these guys are sooooo beautiful! We must pray that they can be protected from hunters - good conservation practises can turn around the fortunes of endangered species so I hope effective steps are being taken. They are wonderful creatures. Resteemed 😍❤️🍀🌈🦋🌴


Yes I hope so too my dear Sally!
I would really like to see them one day and not just a photo ... =)
The monkey is one of my favorite animals! They look so much like humans!

😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️ Have a wonderful day 😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️

Didn't knew these guys! Cool hairstyle! 😁

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These monkeys are absolutely amazing! 😍👍