Amazing nature #46 - Tarsier ghost (Tarsius tarsier)

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Today I bring you another fascinating animal that we can only find on our beloved planet, its small size does not match with its giant eyes, it is said to be the mammal with the largest size of eyes in proportion to its body. It is the tarsier ghost (Tarsius tarsier) a primate that lives mainly in the forests of Indonesia. Come with me to learn a little about the life of this incredible animal.


These monkeys are extremely small mammals, their size does not usually exceed about 10 centimeters long, they are famous for having huge eyes, it is believed that they adapted their shape due to their nightlife, this allows them to have excellent vision in low light conditions, not so big is their snout, while their ears are elongated and round.


Their feet hands are thin and long, they resemble the legs of a frog, with its cushion that allows them to adhere strongly to the trees in the worst conditions, they are very agile when moving from one tree to another, for it they resort to their long tail with hairs, and thus to be able to jump of tree in tree without much effort.


The color of their fur is greyish brown, and the sensation when touching their skin is like feeling velvet, males weigh a maximum of 130 grams and females a maximum of 114 grams.
Their average lifespan is about 10 years and some in captivity have managed to live about 20 years, a very good figure for tarsiers, their body is extremely small, their head has a diameter of 14 cm, their tail can reach 26 cm.



Among the tarsier monkeys are different types of species, as well as these are divided into:

Eastern Tarsier: It is a primate that inhabits the islands of Sumatra and Borneo. This tarsier has a larger size than the other types of tarsier, and also differs from them because it has a very short tail.

Tarsier Diana: This species of tarsier is found in the jungle of the eastern-center of Celebes.


Spectral Tarsier: This tarsier is also known as ghost tarsier and its habitat is found in Indonesia, specifically in the Celebes Island, as well as in the islands of Buton, Muna, Kabaena, and Selayar.

Tarsier Filipino: This tarsier is found inside the forests of the southeast of the Philippine Archipelago. They are nocturnal so they usually sleep during the day in holes that are totally dark.


Pygmy Tarsier: Pygmy tarsiers are found in Celebes, Indonesia. It differs from other tarsier species in that it is a little smaller.

Tarsier Sangihe: This tarsier species is found on Sangir Island, northeast of Sulawesi. They are short and do not exceed 16 centimeters in height.



They are carnivores and feed on different types of insects, lizards, small frogs, small birds, bats and spiders, their ear is very developed, allowing them to capture their prey very efficiently, the other sense that allows you to be an experienced hunter, are their huge eyes that if you have them would be very difficult to hunt in full darkness.

Habitat and reproduction

Tarser monkeys can be found in various parts of Indonesia, Southeast Asia, as well as the Celebes and Togian Islands and each of their surroundings.

Some tarsier habitats are also found in Sumatra and Borneo Island. This species lives at altitudes of approximately 1500 meters above sea level.


Also, the tarsi inhabit certain places such as forests and mangroves, mainly can be found in the high parts of the tropical undergrowth, which occupy areas of between 3 and 12 hectares.

In terms of reproduction, tarsiers can mate at any time of the year. However, the gestation period of this species is 181 to 194 days and the female can only have one calf in each birth.


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