Sky is cloudy but the nature still quite.

2년 전

Today nature is quite beautiful. Through the thick clouds of the sky, the sun says that "I am still with you." Then the cold wind started out.


The mind got filled with cold air. Closed eyes for a while, surrounded by the green trees in the village, I enjoyed nature's weather.

It is our village's branch river. Although the river surrounded by green trees seems cool, "but this river becomes the main cause of flood flooding."


This river carries a lot of traditions in the rural Bengal. One of them, "Boat Competition." This village tradition of rural Bengal still celebrates our village today. This tradition is lost day by day, due to the lack of water in the river. Now we have to wait for the flood water for this competition.

The picture was taken by Sony Xperia C2305.

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nature is so beautiful, so nice


Nature always beautiful. Just we need to find the way to capture it. Thanks for you comment :)

Wow. amazing picture..where you capture this picture brother. Your capturing is great .Carry on bro. @foridulislam21


Welcome in Steemit @shafi15 . Wish you will do better here and that picture was captured from my village. Thank you for your comment :)


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Lovely shot. You make it more beautifull bye perfect capturing.
Never stop or skip this type capturing. many many thanks for share with us.
World is beautifull, you proved with this.


Thank you @anon9 . I am try to capture that type so i can show you all.


Carry on. Wish you all the best. One day you will become great photographre

Is that in Gobindagonj.? Lovely place anyway


Yes it was @kabiratif . Just need to open your eyes to see that place. Once you will find out where it was :)


Sorry bro, I did`t get this place. Maybe kuthibari old agnibina road bridge


Well that was taken from my village and if you don't know about my village name then you can ask me at my Facebook account. @kabiratif

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