A walk in the morning.

2년 전


We took a little walk this morning checking the possibilities for cloudberries. We saw some but a little to early to pick, pithing a week or two they may be ripe. Today I picked 9 berries and 12 pictures. My wife picked some more, enough to eat with cream as dessert. As you see the weather is nice and the coffee tasted good in the sun.













Have a beautiful day.

Best regards

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You have a very beautiful neighborhoods!

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Thank you @zirochka.

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In my area the cloudberries are not growing.
But I love this berry very much.
As a child I lived in the North and there was cloudberry.
Now I take the cloudberries from my son. He lives in Arkhangelsk. There of this berry very much.


Do you live to far south for them to grow. They are quite funny to pick if there are lots of them, otherwise there are much walking to catch some😊

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Cool photo of a draconfly

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Thank you. I stumbled upon it, I heard ratling of the wings in the grass 😊 one snap before it flew away

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Very nice job


Thank you very much @uadigger.

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That is beautiful day with wild nature Harald, like that little dragonfly. Hopefully you have had a great time.

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Thank you very much for make me avare about it. I will tag ny next post with creativecoin👍 thanks again.

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