Glorious Adventure

3년 전

One day I found a map
With a crudely drawn path,
So with courage in heart and map in my hand,
I went off on an adventure to an unknown land.

From swamp to ocean,
From ocean to desert.
I found myself at the mountain,
And then I found the sky.

With wings I soared,
To find the floating island,
I saw it in the distance,
And landed with grace.

At the center of the flying city,
I saw the technological masterpiece.
The ultimate jewel of magic and machine,
And I took it: My shining treasure.

Before the island fell, I took off again to fly,
I saw the whole thing collapse back into the ocean,
But I was safe, and the treasure was mine.
However, when I got back home,
The first thing I did was take a long nap.

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@keretickitten, surely, that is a great adventure I would also want to face at some point in time. The mountains in the thumbnail look really high, you must have maneuvered with seemingly great effort hence the long nap. Great poetry!