Springtime Enchantment

2년 전

Horizon's sparkle; moonlight's sleep,
A sunshine rises; a promise to keep.
Threshold of dawn; the trees glow in the sun,
Glorious morning; the day has begun.

The squirrel races down the tree, friends to meet,
A bird excitedly looks around; a song to tweet.
The daytime bustle increases its tempo,
A symphony of excitement, the springtime allegro.

But time passes and the sun begins to fall,
The daytime had its song, but now it's bedtime for all.
But from a tree, a little owl peaks out and grins.
The moon rises, and the springtime night begins.

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Hey, Kitten, after hearing from you I of course had to stop by here, and the first thing I see is this enjoyable poem. Nice.

Since last "seeing" you, I've also written a lot of poetry. I have, however, been in quite the "writer's slump" of late and not been writing much. However, since our last exchange, I have built up quite a library, which (if you care to investigate) can be accessed by clicking on my signature image below.



@heretickitten, thanks again for saying "Hey." ;)


I've been in a slump too. I can still have decent conversations with people, but just writing-then-publishing is at an all time low. I might blame Steem's low price. Once you get paid to do something you love, it stops being a hobby where the reward is fun, and instead becomes a job where the reward is money. Tsk. A dark world. Money always just adds complications.


I know what you mean... I suspect the crypto slump has something to do with it.

In my case, basic survival issues have more to do with it; I've just been preoccupied with paying the bills, which practically speaking has left writing as a rather low priority... ;)

I hope to get back to more regular writing sometime before long; I still have a list of things I want to write about that's longer than both arms... just need to have more of a sense of liberty and free time to do the writing. Maybe a few good conversations would help stimulate the creative juices... ;)

What's been occupying your thinking lately? :D

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