Tale of the Goat

3년 전

the goat is not a sheep.
the goat is not a wolf.
the goat is not asleep.
the goat is on the hill.

the goat's mysterious eyes
shimmer in the night.
the goat may be wise,
but the shepherd's lamp is bright.

goat's silly tail
twitches attentively.
does it sense safety;
or does this tingle mean danger?

horns stand out against the sky;
moonlight in darkness melody,
fog settles in, and the night burns deep.
the horns are an oath the goat shall always keep.

if the sheep obey the shepherd,
and the wolves are brutes,
the goat's little hooves
know what to do:

scurry down the mountainside
through the forest to the lamb's green fields.
to the sheep marching in a lethal line
the shepherd in the lead, a crooked staff he wields.

the goat's bleats are even-tempered.
but their wisdom is fierce:
"if you follow the line.
upon you they will dine."

they knew the dark truth,
but spat upon it without rhyme:
"the shepherd is kind
because he is not a wolf."

the goat did not impress them,
so they continued their march.
to a bleak, troubled future,
content with hopeful hearts.

shepherd is not a wolf,
but then what is he?
beautiful lies in a terrible dark,
the sheep disappear behind a hill.

the goat's eyes saw all;
goat ponders alone from upon the mountain wall:
'the goat is hated by the sheep,
but feared by the wolf.'

pasture's chess game;
wolves, sheep and their shepherds,
the goat is untouched, but profane
standing on his hill, surrounded by the mountain's gale.

the goat does not demand,
but the goat does not obey.
the goat stands tall upon the mountain's hill,
but the goat is alone upon the mountain hill.

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These sheep are following the wrong shepherd.

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Nice Poem and Imagery. Thanks for sharing it with us :) Looking forward to more of your epic works.

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