Tepid Water

3년 전

Unwarmed and uncooled;
Sitting so calmly,
So dangerously.

Water that does not flow;
Water that does not go,
Water that sits is water that's spoiled.

Liquid not moving is liquid wasted,
Liquid not cold is unpleasant to the tongue.
Yet liquid not hot is just as foul.

Rot water, swamp water
A stench unlike any other,
Such unclean water must be dumped.

Tepid springs, tepid rains;
Unfiltered and unloved.
Such a source of life: undone.

Freeze it or boil it,
Pour it or stream it,
Anything to rid the world of tepid water.

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Damn that's so deep. Must be worth at least 1 upvote ammi right :D?


Aye. It's a metaphor for money.

Money that's not being invested, spent, or usefully utilized is simply wasted.
Even the most simple interest-accumulation is better than simply holding a currency and doing nothing with it. Unless you have some sort of plan, I suppose. But even a plan is better than doing truly nothing.

No matter if you get burned on hot water or bad investments, it's better than if you sit in fear and do nothing, right?

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