My Little Army Leaf - Winter Is Coming?

11개월 전

Hi, Steem friends!

Are you hanging on?


I just had to take a picture of this beautiful leaf, that is an artwork in itself.
Mother Nature is blessed. It seems that this camouflaged leaf is giving early signs that winter
is coming. I have a summer holiday, but I use most of my days on the stand for Liberalistene (@capitalistparty) as the election is upcoming. I hope we can get One delegate into the city council: Then we can start tearing the Socialists apart.

Steem seems to lag further and further behind.
Anyone help me out: What is your bullish scenario for Steem. Is winter approaching or is the Steem-spring here soon?

With love,


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Nice photography of that leaf! Yeah it's not easy to find a leaf with those color ranges!
STEEM is at near to another HF! So market panic is happening! So Prof, just HODL and collect more!



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its comming! The winter I mean :) unbelievable right?! 17 cent a steem with the next stop heading to 8 cents?! Those pant bottles are already worth one steem, I keep seeing potential Steem just laying on the streets hahaha..

I think i will take 4000nok if steem gets to 8 cents and buy and then thats the last cash injection for me and steem. I think I've spent around 20k nok on steem already and now look at it, the worst investment ever but at the same time its the only one that I can actually interact with :)

Greetings appreciated @janusface.
There are several enhancers underway.

Steem-engine with its tribes is reviving the blockchain steem economy again.
The expectation of the next HF may cause some bearish effect but I am hopeful that only positive changes will be made.

We must stop the powerdown, invest in liquid steem and try to bring more new active users to the ecosystem.

All best, Piotr.