Dressed in white.

2년 전

First winter day in Lofoten.

Landscape around Svolvær, a smal town in the archipelago Lofoten. I'm finish with my working periods in Lofoten, Some pictures from the drive home. The weather has been changing with rain, storm and snowy weather. On the last day the sun appears and I got a great travel home.

White dressed ountains in Lofoten.



A small red hut on an islet.

The sun is still here but low in the sky. Pictures from the middle of the day.

At a harbor in the town Svolvær.


Sea view. The sun at its highest level middle on the day.



A wintery day in the north.


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Nature looks so clean when there is fresh snow!


Thanks so much @seabuckthorn for comment.

Such amazing scenery! Does that harbor ever freeze?


Thanks @old-guy-photos for comment and curiosity. My be you know we have the Gulf stream bringing warm water along the shores in Norway. Only the inner part of some fjords frees during the winter. I think that harbor don't frees, My be a little bit on the colder days.

Absolutely stunning photos I really enjoyed the post keep up the good work and thanks alot for stopping by I really appreciate it I hope you enjoy the rest of your day 👍🏾


Thanks @kgakakillerg for pleasant comment and support.

Stunning winter views!

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Thanks @axeman for nice comment.

Woooow, such beauty and Relaxing @karja.


Thanks @marya77 for comment.

Awww, such beauty... Has it already started snowing? Amazing...
We have started the rainy season here now, the year-end monsoon... Rain every day! :(
The silhouette scenes are gorgeous too!


Thanks @ackhoo for pleasant comment. The snow has come a bit early this year.

@tipu curate

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Absolutely stunning photographs, I love one with boats and mountain. Real dream but feels cold :)


Thanks @stef1 for comment. Yes a bit cold now but wee have six months winter in front so more colder weather will come.

You can look at such winter landscapes for hours.
Thank you so much for the great photos.


Thank's @singa for pleasant comment.

Love that second picture and the boat one. Extremely nice reflection picture. We don't have any snow yet, but we will get some soon. The beginning of snow season can make things look so nice, it's just that by the middle of it, it becomes to much and I just want it over. But for now still waiting on the snow for Alaska.


Thanks @bashadow for nice comment. Good luck with your winter in Alaska, I am sure it can be harsh enough.

~absolutely stunning landscapes ! bravo :))


Thanks so much @afrouli for nice comment.

Congratulations on the first winter day. 👍😀

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Yea, and a lot more days in front. Thanks @apningrich for comment.

maybe it is just because i live in a hot climate country but those pics are amazing to me. great job!


Thank1s so much @gooddream for comment. Lofoten archipelago is a special place, beautiful both summer and winter.

Wow these are great! I am excited to follow you and see beautiful Norway.


Thanks again @sjarvie for commenting .