On the road to Lofoten.


The innermost part of the fjord Hadselforden.

Driving west for some days work in Ballstad located in Lofoten.
Lofoten an archipelago in the western part of Northern Norway. A very popular place for tourism to visit. After some hours drive I had to stop for stretching my feet an a cup of coffee. And of cause I used my camera.


View outwards the fjord. Typical mountains in Lofoten, steep and peaky.



View inwards the fjord.

On the ground, parts of an anchor.

On the wall, old fishing tools.


A perfect place for a cup of coffee and watching the view.


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You used to camera beautifully.
I’m crazy about old fishing lures!

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  ·  작년

Thank you @apningrich for nice comment.

  ·  작년

Your country has the most amazing nature.
Beauty is such that I want to watch forever.

Thanks for the pictures!

  ·  작년

Thanks @singa for pleasant comment.

Awesome shots! I love the wet chain!!

  ·  작년

That are perfect scenery, is it really not many people live there Jan, usually there are mostly nature and no people, what is the population of Lofoten?

  ·  작년

Thanks @sef1 for pleasant commenting.
Usually I try to avoid human made in my pictures, such as roads, buildings, powerlines. If you see something, it is carefully chosen to be part of the picture. 24178
The Lofoten archipelago has 24178 inhabitants (wikipedia)
Most people live in small towns, so there is plenty of
untouched nature in Lofoten.

Fantastic landscapes

  ·  작년

Thanks @uadigger for comment.

Unreal beauty! Truly a majestic place.

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  ·  작년

Thanks @balticbadger for nice comment.

Wow!very nice photos! How come Norway is so beautiful and dramatic!

A good place to find oneself with solitude! I don’t think you will survive the noises in Bangkok!!

  ·  작년

Thanks @kaminchan for nice words. You are right, Bankok is not the place for me. But an little island somewere on the coast should bee perfect specially now when the cold and dark time approaching.

An impresionant pictures. Congratulations.

  ·  작년

Thanks so much @juancar for pleasent comment.