A butterfly fluttering around the flower

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You have often seen a butterfly walking near the flowers and you must have been very happy to see that scene. Butterflies are beautiful, flying insects with large scaly wings. The butterfly has many colors in its body, so it also keeps on looking at it. It comes from insect species and mostly prefers to be around flowers.


All over the world, one beautiful animal, insect and bird are found among which the butterfly is one. The butterfly is a creature that is very attractive in appearance. It receives its food through flowers. The butterfly is found almost everywhere in the world and also likes to day out.


Butterflies are found in every color and we have grown up following our butterflies running and listening to their story.
In the last 40-45 years, 41% of butterflies have died and if this continues, then their existence will be eliminated from the whole world. The reason for the decrease in the number of butterflies is due to the change in the temperature of the world.


As the trees are being harvested from the earth, the temperature of the earth is changing, sometimes there is more heat, sometimes there is more winter and sometimes there is more happiness, sometimes more rain whose effect on the butterflies and due to which the butterflies is getting an endangered specie.

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