Palakkad – A nature’s delight

3년 전

ust like a beautiful picture postcard, Palakkad features most awesome weather, picturesque mountains, sparkling lakes, beautiful dams, lush green forests and majestic temples and forts. With vast sprawling paddy estates and tea plantations, Palakkad, one of the most scenic places in Kerala is aptly known as the ‘granary of Kerala’.

Popular tourist attractions: Silent Valley National Park, Palakkad Fort, Malampuzha Garden and Dam, Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, Jain Temple and Seethargundu viewpoint

Best time to visit: November to March months are extremely pleasant here.

Nearest airport: Coimbatore Airport

Nearest railway station: Own railway stations; Palakkad Junction and Palakkad Town Railway

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Awesome photo! Since it's impossible for me or most people to visit every place on the earth, I'm very happy that you took a photo of somewhere I most likely would have never seen. Thank you very much for sharing such beauty with us! :)


thnak q bro those kerala places in india