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Looks like a lovely clear path, enjoy :)

Mender the big spender, 1 vote worth $3.50? mine are only 0.03$ I'm confused ;)

So muchrelaxing. have fun mender

Beautiful picture :) glad you were able to clear a little bit of stress.

It looks like it was a lovely day for a ride. Enjoy those moments when you can!

Just wondering I saw you got 1,000 transaction from bittrex did you purchase this? or did someone give this to you? I startled that your account value was $9.5k and only weeks old :)


I just bought it when steem was at $0,90 :P


Ah, that explains a lot. You know something I don't? :) Also, I would upvote you but my power is at 14%, I've followed you though. I'll be interested to see what you sell that at.


I intent to keep it for a long time. At least most of it. Maybe I will sell part of it when steem hits $10. I can't predict the future but I think it possible steem will hit $10 in a year or so.

Very photo-worthy location! I can't help but wonder if there are fish in that creek on the right. Regardless, it does seem like a great path on which to unwind. Here's hoping life soon becomes less stressful for you and me both!