Make A Change. Be The Change.

3년 전

What is climate change? Climate change is a change in global or regional climate patterns. One of its causes is largely due to the expansion of greenhouse gases produced by human activities. These trapped greenhouse gases are also the very reason for global warming, the Earth's rising surface temperature. I hope people know these by now. For the past years that the effects of these catastrophic events have been evident in this world, everyone should be knowledgeable about its causes and possible devastating effects. Climate change has become a hidden open book to the public. It gained so much attention in the past years, projects to act on the problem has been proposed, everyone has been actively talking, participating and taking action for these threats on earth be prevented, but now it has just become an open secret. A sensitive topic we all know but chose to take for granted. So, as human beings trying to survive this very world, we ought to change that.
Climate change and global warming is not a hoax. It has been badly affecting this planet for the past years, consecutive devastating typhoons, alarming rise of sea levels, dire elevation of temperature, resulting to the loss of thousands of lives, dreadful famine, and the spread of diseases. It does not only affect us human beings, but everyone trying to live in this world. These are the results of climate change and global warming, the events we took lightly, and even doubted before, and delayed to resolve. The problems we, human beings made out of our own wrong doings that gradually became our habit. As little as not throwing our garbage in the proper trash bins, or as big as deforestations of mountains for the development of one's country. One can be avoided, and one can be limited. Climate change and global warming are the Earth's way of just giving us back what we gave her, catastrophe after catastrophe, deaths after deaths, and extinction after extinction. We only have ourselves to blame these events on.
After everything that has been going on, it should be known that we once tried to address this problem, but also admit that our ways before were wrong. So before everything turns to waste, let us try once again and again and again. Let us take action against these events we ourselves cost. Let us know and do proper segregation, avoid the burning of trashes, plant anything you can get your hands on, in the spaces around you. This may only be little things and may be impossible to just suddenly solve climate change and global warming, but it is a start. With this we can help and influence people around us, and hopefully sooner, bigger people would realize that there are better things than the development of everything if it means ruining this very planet. I hope they'd realize these developments will not mean a thing after everything is destroyed. We failed for our first try, but we can still try again. And in that time, let us make sure it comes up to something better than the results we had before. It is not enough to just acknowledge a problem; actions should be made to resolve it. We inflicted these problems ourselves, it is just befitting for us to figure it out. Former U.S. president Barack Obama once said, "We are the first generation to feel the impact of climate change and the last generation that can do something about it."
(Photos are from NASA and pixabay)

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