Some scenes of natural beauty of Bangladesh. Scenic beauty scenes from Jhenaidah collected from Kotchappur.

2년 전

During the afternoon I was about to visit the village streets. When I traveled on a bicycle, I saw some beauty on the side of the road. Then I collected these natural beauty on my smartphone.


Our country is named Bangladesh. I am very happy that I was born in this country. Wherever there is sadness on the other side of the country, it is very beautiful. It is very nice to see the roads for the movement of the country. Because there are beautiful rows of trees on the side of the road.


The green field is seen on the other side of the road. The green and green are also seen in the other side of the road. The color of the national flag is green due to the green arrangement around this country. People of this country are very beautiful. I am proud that I was born in this country. I am very happy because of the natural beauty of this country love.


I pray to my great resource that he will help the country to grow more natural beauty and we must also try. It will be possible to increase natural beauty.

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