Its amazing grace by nature. By mrblu

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Hello my fellow steemians,

Its been 2 days now idle, it is busy days ^๐Ÿ˜†

Today i want to share my poem, its about the nature.


standing from the middle of the mountain
Every little things are so precious
The sun shines upon the morning
The clouds are having a shape like a heart
And slowly draw of happy family with so much love

the sounds of harmonic wind blows upon my face and it feels like freedom about everything to have peace of mind,

the grass are so green and the flowers are so amazing , truly nature are The only treasures to protect and preserve.

The rivers waters flows with crystals clear
The color of the rainbow vividly show upon the middle of the blue skies.

This is truly amazing gift from the heavens above.
Lets love nature so that, you and your grand children's will inherite the wonders about natures grace.


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