our natural charm

2년 전

nature has a million beauty that is able to captivate our eyes with its charm, sometimes we are less observant to see every beauty from every corner of this nature that we can see in plain and invisible, nature also always gives us peace.

As a resident who lives in a rural area, I often see natural beauty beautifully exposed. And for rural areas, I will often be faced with the beauty of green trees, small buildings and rice fields with plants that always change to follow the seasons.

I will share the beauty of the twilight in my village, dusk is the process of exchanging time from day to night which is night.

following the photo:



the photo I took, in the noble district of Meurah, North Aceh.

so many of my posts today may be useful for all of us, still love and take care of this nature, nature will be fine without human presence but humans will not be fine without the presence of nature.

thank you continue to follow me to enjoy the charm of the next countryside.

follow me @muddasir

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