The Story of the Crypto-Tulips: How We Created a Beautiful Tulip Garden with Steem!

3년 전

All started in November 2016. I found a dozen tulip bulbs sleeping on a shelf. 

What to do with them? 

Well, I live in The Netherlands, and at the back of my home, there is a little canal. On the other side of the canal, there is a little grove, just 10 meters wide until meeting the next houses… So I went for a walk in this little grove and discretely, I dug the dozen bulbs in the fertile ground.

The following spring, I had the pleasure to see them grow, but no tulip flowers… I had planted the bulbs on a public space, someone was collecting them. A few days later, I discovered my neighbor going for another run… She was cutely embarrassed when I told her these were mine…

And then, we had an idea: why not work together and create a real “pirate” tulipe garden.  

And that’s what we did and today we can enjoy beautiful colors under the Dutch sky:

Walking pass a floral rainbow: 

Enjoying the newly born colors:


Back to November 2017. I bought 200 bulbs from my first Steemit earnings, hence the name Crypto-Tulips (I joined Steemit in October). 

We prepared the terrain to make this little piece of forest more "park-like", and then planted the bulbs together. 

When the spring arrived, a few weeks ago, it was a huge delight for the eyes.  

The pirate tulip garden seen from the other side of the canal (from the back of my own garden):

Now Andrea and I have the plan to extend the pirate garden to the right so that she can also enjoy all these shiny colors colors directly from her own garden every spring. It is amusing how a minor neighbor dispute has bloomed into a solid friendship thanks to Crypto Tulips!

So, next November, I will purchase more bulbs with Steemit earnings, and together, we will transform our little pirate garden into a real little colorful "Keukenhof" for all to enjoy.  

I’m @muphy (see
intro post),
My life revolves around music production, teaching sciences, gardening and discovery through travel.
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Happy to know how thoughtful you are and you will be with steemit earnings. I love 🌷 tulips bulbs. It's a great investment, keep it up and one day someone will offer you money for that which you are growing.


Thank you @Sapient1 for your kind words.
You know, I am definitely not doing this for money. Gardening, is one of my escapes to that globalized obsession that everybody has in making money ;-)

Wow! The tulips looks so beautiful and your neighbors, quite so pretty.

The garden is really growing well and i believe that within a small time, you are gonna have a well fortified tulip garden.


Thank you @austinebizzy.
The advantages with bulbs is that once they are planted, the tulips show up each year. This allow to see the beautiful colors invade the land year after year ;-).

I can think of worse ways to spend your steems. Enjoy the returning spring season. 😀


Definitely, I prefer buying flowers, investing in good projects or enjoying a new musical instrument with my Steem earnings, than paying bots lol ;-).
You too, enjoy the come back of enjoyable temperatures!

wow...This is just amazing!!!

Wow this is so beautiful to see and read i loved it :D


Thank you Blazing, I am glad you enjoyed the colorful voyage!