Wonderful Sunset

2년 전

I love this photo of sunset.

I took this photo when I was in the hallway in the building of my work. I was fascinated by the beauty of the sunset when I saw it outside the window. Sunrise is beautiful but sunset is so amazing for me.

In this photo, the beauty of the leafless tree added beauty to the image of sunset. Our creator really gave us all the fascinating and wondrous things human can enjoy.

How wonderful our world is, right?

Have a great day Steemians.


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It was an awesome shot, The tree gives a big spot to the photo.


Thanks for your kind comment


That's true Ihe tree is a perfect addition to make the sunset akiu\ve

I love sunset too. It was a nice capture.


thank you

I was captivated by your sunset shot but my cute barking lichie, was more captivating.



nice post

Black dark sunset

The sunsets are love. Nice picture ;)