Sharing adorable pictures of the Natural World #15


Hi fellow Steemians,

"Sharing adorable pictures of the Natural World" is a project to upload posts with pictures and information from my files @nawi and other sources about the natural surroundings; vegetation, landscapes and animals of where I live and work in Papua New Guinea and hope people who see them can refresh their thoughts and have their minds at ease from the hassles of the day!

This is the 15th post of the project and here I’d like to share a picture of sunrise over the ocean.

This picture is an original and was taken using a Canon ELPH 520 HS camera.

If you have not seen my posts on this project from the previous days, please spare a couple of minutes to check them out on my site

Thank you for visiting! If you like this picture and want to see more about the natural surroundings where I live and work, kindly UPVOTE & RESTEEMGreen tick.PNG my posts, leave a comment and FOLLOW me on this project.
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