Lake beautiful and magnificent in Aceh

3년 전

Good morning steemit friends all on this post I want to share about my journey a lake located in aceh Great city of Banda aceh towards west aceh, the distance traveled from banda aceh city only about 30 minutes more or less using motorcycle. On this day I traveled with 4 friend Karib who always present togetherness in the sad and happy, but today's journey gives me a lot of motivation for the beauty of this lake in terms of very clear water and also the scenery is very beautiful and interesting that makes me amazed at this place. The cold that made me cool as it permeates into my mind, it is indeed extraordinary creation of God the Almighty with the whole contents of heaven and earth. Area of ​​this lake range of 500 meters with a depth of 20 meters when in the middle of it so do not be surprised if the number of visitors who visit this place because it is beautiful and extraordinary beauty


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