Buck vs. Drone

3년 전

Four buck are chomping away in a field of soy beans when I zoom in with my drone. Three of them immediately run off, but one of them stops and stands his ground. I guess we know who the boss is!

Shot with my DJI Phantom 2+ quad-copter.

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I think the video is great! I love my drone as well!

Very cool - I will not even try to do this, will crash it before lift off


That's the thing about these new drones. They're Idiot-Proof. Even I can fly one!!!


I believe you just roasted yourself like Logan Paul roasts himself 😂


So are you calling yourself an idiot?


Yh it is a great toy... tool :D


Thanks for the vote and comment!


They are a lot of fun!


Thanks for the upvote and follow. Following you as well.

I expected something more... dramatic from the title.

Very cool nonetheless


I'm expecting a fully armed drone in the mail next week. That should make for some exciting videos! 😝

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sir nice post just upvoted u and expected the same from your side

I though you were gonna say DJI Phantom 4 Pro