Birth and Death 📷

4년 전

Which comes first?

(does birth is always happening before death?)

Today I was doing some macro shooting comparison between my Oly and my daughters NIKON. That is because yesterday I have purchased macro extension tubes for her Nikon.
Not good subjects was ready at hand, so I tried to shoot leaves of a bouquet of flowers, which my wife put on a terrace table.

I leave this comparison results for a future, because I am not certain I'm ready yet for final decision.

But while shooting, I have noticed a few dead insects on the leaves. All were very tiny, only 3-5 mm in length.
What surprised me was that one of the insects seemed got it's death even before it's birth. Maybe that was a mosquito, but I may be wrong. Whatever it was, it made me a bit weird feeling.

Birth and DEATH on the same flower

Here are some of the pictures of what I have seen today on our bouquet




These four pictures were taken by @onealfa on JUNE 15, 2018, in Vilnius, Lithuania
​Gear used: Olympus E-M1 MarkII & 60mm F2.8, M.Zuiko macro, 1/1250sec, F/7.1, ISO-800, -0.3 exp bias
+in-camera focus stacking + photoscape for cropping and color corrections


Final notes:

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Yeah nice camera 👍

Congratulations @onealfa!
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I resteem your post, because your amazine post


Thank you so much for your RESTEEM dear @silverade

I think its given that birth will took place before death. Afterall what will die if nothing come into life (birth) :)

This is a amazing of the nature present @onealfa. Amazing moment born and death on the same flower of insect's.
Resteemed your post.


Thank you so much for your RESTEEM @dragonking

It's tremendous looking born & death of insect capture. I've never seen like that. It's magic of the world @onealfa.
Up-Voted & Re-Steemed.


Thank you so much for your RESTEEM @kingsberry

Beautiful shots. Yes, live in deadly. How happy are you with the camera? Resteemed


Thank you so much for your RESTEEM @billy-thai

Really great pictures. Thank you for sharing.

Very good post I like it upvoted and resteemed thanks


Thanks for your RESTEEM @deepprabh1

very good sharing. Thank you @onealfa

Your too good!

Awesome Work!

I've verified that your photography is original, and that means it's so good that I had to check.

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Thank you so much for your RESTEEM @yourluckyphotos

Your photo shoot is always epic.

Olympus is unparallel I think in terms of sharp and macro shots.



Thank you so much for your RESTEEM @littymumma

I think its birth first, because without birth there is no death however death does not necessarily mean a rebirth.

Great photography. You are kinda unique in photographic skills.

Upvoted as well as resteemed.


Thank you so much for your RESTEEM @milaan

Amazing photography... You are a very good photographer...
I think birth is first cause without birth you can't die....
Thanks for sharing @onealfa...
Upvoted and Resteemed....


Thank you so much for your RESTEEM @pallabbanik

i think death comes first :D

Very good post I like it upvoted and resteemed thanks


Thank you so much for your RESTEEM @deepprabh1

what beautiful photos I love the theme the birth and death of insects the green colors stand out enough I love greetings


Thank you so much for your RESTEEM @tjoseph1

Such a beautiful flower macro photography @onealfa. Seriously so impressive to see.


Thank you so much for your RESTEEM @templeflower

awsm photos, thanks


Thank you so much for your RESTEEM @aminulbabu75


Done Brother ,Vote my Photo Brother

great... are these clicks are micro ?


Thank you so much for your RESTEEM @mansoormanu

OOO, love the monster plants. Pefrect for macros

Philosophy of life. Great post rich in means and ideas

You just showed the whole new way of realising beautiful to see that nice pictures

A lovely moment... I guess you just watched and kept track

The chicken or the egg? We might never know for sure, but these pictures are quite impressive anyway to say the least.


This is so true. This is great observance.


Observations are easy to make when the pictures are this sharp.


Of course!

I was amazed, purely science. By the way, please don't forget to follow our blogs and vote. Thank you.

Life is just so full of surprises. How could a death comes before birth? But we all, just see it. And I hope that we could all discover more if we simply observe. Great post @onealfa.

The life cycle of every creature

Very beautiful photos! Birth and Death is like the chicken and egg. A big mystery :)

Wow this is great photography .its a really.
Thanks @onealfa
have a great day

Beautiful pics man!

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Oh! Nice photography nature is always beautiful.

  ·  4년 전

nice article and good potos

I think that to die you have to be alive. Greetings


While baby is still inside mother's uterus , it's birth is not yet happened, right? But does it means it can not die?


He is alive, because from the conception there is already life, but when he comes out to the outside world he can die, that's why I tell you, to die you have to be alive.

Birth first . Nice Photos . Tanks for sharing

Great photos and great insights. Hahaha after reading your post I've literally questioned myself which really comes first :D

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I like your work very much. It is really a unique example of life n death combined. Thanks for sharing it

Your camera has great image quality. I assume it for the reason that birth will take place earlier than a loss of life. after all, that is going to die if nothing comes into existence.

This is a really interesting subject. Then again, it all comes down to life and death being an unpredictable part of our existence

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I like the close-up pictures ^^

Hey @onealfa, I'm a biologist, but sadly I am not an entomologist to tell you what kind of insect it is. I am a cell biologist and I work with genetics. I will try to figure out what insect is it. I really enjoyed your photos because sometimes I take pics like that, but not with your camera jajaja.Keep going inspiring me to take great pictures like you do.

Well captured,, great

awesome pics. thank you

OHH WOW ALWAYS wanted to know what is the step by step process of the birth of an insect, thanks to this article now I know.
The quality of the photography is beautiful

Lovely shots and great details. Very Artful and nice story telling.

Es increíble como tomas la fotografia estoy muy impresionado eres un buen capta imagenes

Excelents and greats photography

hello there!!!
nice picture, mother nature is awesome, there are an endless of beautiful things in our world. thanks for sharing this great photography.

Good luck!!!

have a great day!!!

Excellent picture, Life and death are intertwined. to die you have to be alive. regards

very good photos, it is definitely another world, it is good to investigate why those insects die in that plant, it may be that the plant is poisonous to them, or there is another insect that feeds on them.

This is amazing........great

great photos, Bro So thanks

Thats actually a really good observation mate...
Heres what I think: A newborn Soul is naive and blunt. It doesn't understand between good and bad deeds. That newborn soul doesn't have any emotions. It might commit a crime and don't feel anything about it. So that's not really a Soul. Soul gives us the power to feel things, to feel emotions so A NEW BORN SOUL is not really a soul, but just an entity. So till the death of the vessel, the entity gains enough knowledge and is matured enough. And now when the same entity takes another birth, it knows whats wrong and right, it feels things now.

So I would say, Death comes first...

:) Great photography @onealfa

there can be no life without death in the universe and vice versa, that is nature.

complete story birth to death

This is a amazing of the nature present.

I think its given that birth will took place before death. Afterall what will die if nothing come into life (birth) :)

Beautiful shots. Yes, live in deadly. How happy are you with the camera? Resteemed..


Hmmm, strange, I do not see it resteemed. I am happy with my Olympus

hey hii nice pic come to my channel moneymantra you will get latest updates on it


I do not think this is a best way to collect new followers and visitors

The colors and details are so well balanced, I'm checking this camera out. It's just a very rich full shot, Very nicely done!

Cutie Pie

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nice photo :)

Excellent photos, good job, friend.

It's a touching observation about the nature, really nature always teaches us if we observe.

:) gorgeous. You are a really good photographer.

I hate insects, but these are very pretty photos!

Awesome sharing sir nice information

Awsome photos

Great photos 😃

Death is the shadow of life. Often closer than you think

Paper beats rock. But rock beats scissors...scissors cuts paper. Kif...we have a conundrum here...

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great photos

So fucking nice . keep the flag flying

Extraordinary @onealfa

Stunning pirctures and the contrast of birth and death! :)

Pixels are too clear