business trip gone wrong..

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Hello steemians,
I was browsing through some old pictures from my phone because one 4 year old devil wanted to see how he was looking when he was infant.. i didn't found his pictures but i found one of my unplanned trip pictures. It was not totally unplanned as it was a business trip which turned into something much more fun that sitting in a office and planning boring stuff.
It was last year in october month i think, we were waiting for our long vacation because it was diwali festival which is the biggest festival in india, but unfortunetly we got a call that one of our client was visiting his home town which was in maharashtra..
Ofcourse it was OUR responsibility to welcome him and his family in diwali season in a remote village where there was no airport near by and its being diwali season we couldn't book a taxy in a day.. so me and one of my colleague decided to go there by bike. We got ready early in the morning because we were unable to reach him on his cellphone so we thought he must be already in maharashtra thats why we are unable to reach him, so like good samaritan we started our journey early in the morning because by bike it was almost 5 hours from where we were at the time.. after 2 hours in our journey sun started to rise and i have a bad habit of smoking in the morning with tea, so my poor colleague asked a man walking on the road with some wooden trunk if there is any tea stall around.
He looked at us and asked in his broken hindi.. " are you new here?"
We replied that yes we are new and we are just passing by..
So he told us another road which was going on some hill he said there is sunrise spot you might find some one selling tea on a bicycle.
We thanked him and we went to check if we can find any tea stalls or at least that tea vendor who sells tea on bicycle. We were tired sitting on the sports bike so after a short 10 minutes riding we reach at the top of the hill. As soon as we got down and had a look around we were mesmerized by the beauty of nature.. we saw the sun rising from the other side and it was too beatifull to put it in words. I wished i would have got my camera at that time, but we had our phones which were as good in the sictuation as they can be.. we took some pictures.. we never wanted to leave that heaven and come down to earth but you know we had to welcome someone and we already were 1 hour late. So with a heavy heart we resumed our journey.
Hill after sunrise
Top of the hill
After another hour or so we stopped for breakfast at this tiny shack.. they only had some oily stuff and omelette which had some weird stuff, and me being a health freak refused to eat, i was a moron i know.. the last time i had seen a village was at the age of 11 or 12. And after that i never had to visit except for shoots or NGO stuff. So i never had any proper interaction and i am a little introvert with unknown people.
So when my colleague was trying to convince me to eat one old lady came out of a small hut from behind the shack and she asked me if something is troubling me, but i didn't wanted to offend her so i said i am not really hungry she looked at me and she asked if i want to eat something else she can make it for me and i can go inside with her and tell her how to make it, i was a little surprised when she said that i look like her daughter who died 20 years back.. now i feel more like an asshole then anything i told her i will eat the omlette and bread if she has any, and she said she has some home made bread.
She even told me that she put some local herbs in the omlette so it tastes yummy.. and it did. I was so happy to meet her after the initial awkwardness i was talking and telling her about stuff.. where we were from and everything.. we sat with her for a while talked to her, after her husband passed away she was leaving alone in that hut waiting for her time.. it was so overwhelming that i couldn't control the waterfall which was trying to breakfree from my eyes, so with the promise of coming back just to meet her and i gaving her my personal number so if she ever needs anyone she can call me we left that place.
After some time we were almost reaching the village where we were supposed to greet our client we checked our phones which did not had any network since we left the city so we were a little surprise to find that we had plenty of missed call alerts.. some from our office some from the clients assistant. So we called them back and that was the time that we realized that after an hour or so leaving the city our client called saying that they were not coming and that they were sorry for inconvenience.. after having a good start we refused to be angry about it. The nature had changed me a little i was not the same angry young woman who always had a frown on her face. I was feeling positive so i told my colleague now that we are here lets check what is there to explore.. so we started our exploration. We found a temple which was inside a jungle
we found a valley which not many people knew. We parked our bike and went to explore and found out that the spot is very good for trecking, we did not had any trecking gear nor we were dressed to treck, but we still went there.. that place was just like the hill heaven.. we trech till the top and sat there for like hours before it started to rain and unfortunetly we had to leave that place.
So now we were finally on our way back.. so going back to the city we took another route so we can see more beauty of the nature as well i was scared of roads.. which were not wet and the route we can was not that good for riders who were not familiar with it.. so on our way back we saw our last spot of that day because i got hurt there so we needed to see the doctor.. it was so embarrassing to tell the doctor how i got hurt.. i tried to climb a waterfall.. yes peeps a waterfall!
I was a little arrogant in my rock climbing skills and i told my colleague that i can climb that rock without any gear, he tried to stop me but i did not listen and there i was on my butt in the water blinding from the scraches all over my body as well some swelling on some part which started to turn blue.. so of course that was the last stop after that i was on total bed rest for a week but unfortunetly i had to work from home.. all in all that day was supurb. I could never tread it for anything in the world. I do have the pictures of me climbing that waterfall but i am not going to attached them here..
Happy weekend guys.

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Wow, those are beautiful photos of nature. I enjoy nature.


Me too.. but dont get to see much. As i live in the city where just to see a tree we have to go to national park... But yea we have a big concrete jungle..


My area here is not too bad, there's still a lot of trees around.


Thats really awesome.. i would love to live in the presence of nature if given a chance.. but you know to put food on our table we have to sacrifice some things

Why Tea and smokes a combination for Mumbaikars?
Even my boss had these breaks, every 30 minutes.
Nicely Penned and Beautiful pictures!


Thnk you.. it means alot @backpackingmonk
And yes chai and sutta is our life. We can live without food and water atleast a day or more thn that but without tea and smoke we'll die in 30 min. Your boss is great. Dont loose him. 😉


Hahaha. If he continues at this rate, he'll turn out to be Mukesh, Gutkawalla


Ewww... Thats very rude. Sutta is not ghutakha.. i hate people who chew ghutkha


Their basically products made of the same substance!


Eww dont insult cigrettes... Chewing gutakha is so gross