Leftover Pumpkin Bird Feeder

3개월 전

I read some advise from the Wildlife trust not to leave your bird feeders on ground level as hogs eat them. So I turned line into a pumpkin feeder full of peanuts and mealworms yummy!

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Great idea :-) We sadly have a very hedgehog unfriendly neighbourhood, with lots of concrete bases to fence and no access to gardens :-( Glad the birds have no boundary fences at least though, and our frogs somehow made it into a neighbour's garden in the summer, so at least some wildlife is managing to come and go :-)


Awww lovely about the frogs I know all these tenses and stuff frustrate me so much for our local hedgehogs.

You can get them with hedgehog highways in now too =D

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I know - I think solid concrete bases should be banned ;-)

Wow! Now that takes repurposing Halloween to a whole new level!! :) GREAT idea!

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Thank you! No birds been in there yet though!

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What a great idea!! Have the birds been coming?

Thanks for sharing


Not that I have noticed yet. Hopefully they will come back soon!

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I'm sure they will.