Among The Bees! ^^

2년 전

Today my grandpa and I visited his beehives, it was an amazing experience being surrounded by all those bees!

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I've always wanted to get up close and personal with a beehive like this, but I would never want to work with bees full time!


I can relate. I am not sure I would like to work with them full time as well.

Cool ... I hope you get lot honey :)
One day I try have some small bee house also :)
It is good to get some sweet food from them :)

And come also in esteem


Thanks! Try it, bees deliver a unique experience. =)


Great photos! Thanks for sharing!!


And thank you!

You are really brave I must say... :)
They freak me out tbh!


Yes, they can be scary. But with the right equipment and attitude towards them chances are that they will not hurt you. =)


Yes, I have heard that they generally sting only if you are aggressive towards them? Is it true?


I am not a big expert, but from what i saw that day I think it is true.

Пчеларство је веома занимљив.
Пчеле су веома активне.
Хвала на лепим фотографијама.
Прелеп поздрав.

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great photos

how much bees do you have there?
How much honey do they produce during a season?
What happens to them in winter?

It would be interesting to know how much bees we need to produce 100 gram of honey.

Is honey the only product (produced by bees) up there?

What is on the last photo (I don't understand)?

thanks in advance for the answers, if any


Thanks for taking an interest in. And wow, these are a lot of questions haha! And for most of them i have no answer, because the bees belong to my grandpa.
I know there are 4 beehives, I think they produce only honey, sometimes a lot of honey and sometimes less (depending on the season).
In the last photo is a bee smoker, it is a device used to calm bees generating smoke.