Fluff overload

2년 전

I lived in NY for about 5 years and passing squirrels was an ordinary thing. So given my Parisian upbringing, I wasn't used to seeing squirrels... We have pigeons.. lots of pigeons... they are considered our city rats. When I fist moved to NY and I saw these fluffy guys everywhere, I was mesmerized and literally would chase them down the block to take photos. Later, I learned New Yorkers considered squirrels their city rats (but thy also have REEL rats)...I asked myself, HOW?

Look at this little guy, how cute is he? I mean, sure he may be carrying rabies but how can anything this fluffy not be cute?

I think we had a connection because he's crossing his little paws and posing for me.

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 5.37.31 PM.png

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Nice photo. thanks for sharing.

Squirrel, with its jumpy, frightful movement, is indeed a beautiful animal to watch.

wonderful photographer thanks for sharing

Nice picture, please vote me

such a really sweet shot love it

Really cute guy with a nice post.
Simply adorable.

Nice squirrel. Be a good boy and pose for me. Cute, nice work.

  ·  2년 전

That is such a cute shot! Honestly I have seen squirrels everywhere my whole life and still feel the need to chase them down...so don't feel alone on that lol.

Wow, I spent three months in Paris and never realized that there were no squirrels! This explains why I have one Parisian friend who is obsessed with squirrels!

I spent 3.5 years in Strasbourg. I think we had squirrels there, but only in the parks? Maybe I am completely wrong! There were certainly these strange river rats, lots of swans, and other water birds that we don't have in the US.

It is so funny what we notice or don't notice sometimes....

Following you, A plus :)

I think this squirrel is upvoting you (:
I understand you completely, I'm amazed every time I see squirrels. In my country there are no squirrels, maybe that's why the squirrels are considered a matter of pure nature entering the city. Here, however, there are millions of cats in the streets, and although they are furry and cute, they always look like the rats of the city ...

Don't trust it. He's plotting. ;)