Freeride Snowboarding / Chasing Powder :) Go Pro Video TRIP REPORT

2년 전

Hello dear Steemians,

This is my first trip report this winter season, mainly because we dont have snow here in Slovenia. :(

Me and my cousin, decided to visit mount Bärenaunock in Austria(2293m / 7523ft). We had a 3 hour car ride to Innerkrems , where we started our hike, and as soon as we got there we got a nice welcome from the weather, it was lightly snowing and the sun was slowly rising :)

We hiked for three hours to reach the top, had a quick lunch , enjoyed the views and got ready for the best part, the ride down :D It was a great day , cant wait to visit those mountains again :)

Here are some photos from our hike up , and a Go pro video from our descent.

Let me know if you like the music in the video, its a New track ive been working on, thank you ;)

Peace, Shaka ;)

Start of our hike

Sun was battling with the clouds :)

First glimps of our destination

Getting closer
Almost there
View from the top, we started our hike downthere in the valley
The neighboring peak, Peitlernock

Go Pro video :

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Thank you :)

Awesome pictures and video. How do you like the split board? Is it worth it?


Thanks man, glad you enjoyed :) i actually dont have a split , that was my cousin in the photos, but i gave it a try, and it is so easy to go up the hill even if theres powder :) so yes i would say its totally worth it , will have to get one soon :)


Cool. How did you hike up?

Back in the day, I lived in AK. I miss it and its great snow. At the time, I was thinking of getting one but did not have the money.

oh dude... love the GoPro vid... looks like hell of a fun ride down!


Oh man it was Epic :D cant wait to go again this week :D

Thanks ;)

hi... this picture really makes me feel happy... thanks... which Cam did you use?


Thanks man , glad you like it, i used Galaxy s7 for photos, and Go pro Hero 6 for video. :)

Love the great photos, and the Go-Pro video is awesome. Also great that you used your own music in the video. Looked like a fun trip. I would have a broken leg after about 5 minutes if I ever tried that, so it is great to watch others enjoying the excitement.


Thanks a lot for those kind words, im glad you like my trip report.

Have you ever tried any winter sports like snowboarding and skiing? :) Its so much fun , but it takes some practice , like all things :D

Stay tuned for more ;)

Peace, Shaka :)


No, never had the chance to get into skiing or snowboarding. I really do believe I would be the one that goes on a ski weekend and winds up falling 10 minutes in and then sitting back in the cabin in a cast for the whole time.


Hehe :)

Well if you ever decide to try it, i hope this wont be the outcome :)

If you think you would be falling a lot, i would advise trying it in spring time when the snow is soft and slushy, you will get wet but it wont hurt as much ;)

Where did you go if you don't have snow in Slovenia? This looks like a winter paradise :)

We had so much rain lately in Switzerland and today the sun is shining. I think we should not expect any snow anytime soon. Will have to go to the Alps probably.

It looks like you do various types of winter activities. Great! I like your photos but I find your video very exciting. How long was the slope?


Hey there,

thank you for commenting, i just noticed that a part of my text got deleted when posting, so i updated my post with all the info about the trip, if you dont mind reading it again :D

Oh nice, ive never been to Switzerland, ill have to visit your mountains one day too :D

We have some snowfall predicted for this weekend, but i think it wont be enough for freeriding, will have to go back to Austria :D

Peace, Shaka ;)

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Thank you :)

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great video, you feel the freedom and the energy, what more to ask when having fun in the nature doing what you enjoy best

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Howdy from Texas shakazula! what a rush! You guys look like you were having a blast, I love the scenery, the clear air, the speed of the snowboarding downhill, very fun, great job!

That was fantastic, man. Absolutely lovely pictures and that ride was just amazing. It felt so real, so there. Great tools, well used. Perfect result.