Plants Galore

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Hello everyone!

I went to the nursery last week and found my new lovely babies. I braved the heat despite a real feel of 48 degrees temperature, it was 6pm and humidity is at peak.

It was all worth it though as I take home all these lovelies.



I walked further at almost the end of the nursery to get a good deal and was lucky to get a bargain price.

I have Rubber plant, Ficus, Snake plant and my favorite Basil herb.



I just can't stop smiling whenever i look at them. They look so beautiful, I must say they calm me from the inside. Just by looking at them connects me to nature, and it brings me lots of joy.


Look how my cactus has grown. I have to re-pot it soon.

From this

To this.... awesome!

I also have some herbs in the kitchen and it's awesome that I can harvest it right from the kitchen and the most fresh I can get.


I am trying to grow a sweet potato. Right now, I soaked them in the water and so far, it's developing some roots. I will later transfer them in a pot when the roots establish a bit more. I am after the sweet potato leaves. We used to eat most of the time in the province.

Couldn't agree more, Plants are a natural therapeutic.

What kind of plants are you growing? I would love to know.

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