Have you seen Primitive Technology latest Real Estate?

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Have you seen this Aussie guys Youtube videos, he's called, Primitive Technology. He goes out bush with nothing but a pair of shorts and a video camera and makes everything he needs to survive by hand. If you are into survival you will really enjoy his awesome videos. This is his latest building it's pretty cool check it out.
Video sourced from Youtube:

I hope you enjoy his video and thanks for the visit.

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Wow this bloke is amazing and I reckon that be fun building this, thanks @silverbug that was very entertaining. :o)


I really enjoy watching his videos, I look forward to the next one, cheers mate.

Great video @silverbug it's very interesting thanks for that.


Welcome lyrica thanks for the visit and I'm glad you liked it, cheers.

Upvote and resteem, great attitude.


Thanks mate, he's pretty cool that's for sure, cheers.

Always impressive video, this guy has a lot of skills


He makes great videos, I think he ranks about 44th most watched videos on Youtube and is apparently earning about US$6000 a vid, cheers mate.