Khao Lak Beach, one of the famous tourist attractions in Thailand - Part IV

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Khao Lak Beach334.jpg

I think many of us love the sunset. No matter where we stand on the earth, the sunset always impresses us. For me, I especially love the sunset in the mountains and at the beaches.

The sunset at each mountain or at each beach has its own beauty.

The sunset at Khao Lak Beach is really magnificent. The colors of the sky on the horizon are very gorgeous. The sun is even more beautiful when it nearly touches the sea. The reflection of the sunlight on the sea is so amazing.

Khao Lak Beach340.jpg

Khao Lak Beach338.jpg

Khao Lak Beach336.jpg

Khao Lak Beach333.jpg

Khao Lak Beach331.jpg

It’s such a great time to sit at the swing and watch the sunset…

Khao Lak Beach329.jpg

Khao Lak Beach328.jpg

Khao Lak Beach327.jpg

Khao Lak Beach326.jpg

Khao Lak Beach330.jpg

The cloudy sky over the sea looks wonderful….

The beach is totally calm and has a wholesome atmosphere….

Khao Lak Beach300.jpg

Khao Lak Beach303.jpg

Khao Lak Beach304.jpg

Khao Lak Beach305.jpg

Khao Lak Beach306.jpg

Khao Lak Beach325.jpg

Khao Lak Beach324.jpg

Khao Lak Beach322.jpg

Khao Lak Beach321.jpg

Khao Lak Beach320.jpg

Khao Lak Beach319.jpg

Khao Lak Beach318.jpg

Khao Lak Beach316.jpg

Khao Lak Beach315.jpg

Khao Lak Beach308.jpg

Khao Lak Beach309.jpg

Khao Lak Beach310.jpg

Khao Lak Beach311.jpg

The coconut trees with the sunset in the background are picturesque and always my favorite photo.

Khao Lak Beach313.jpg

As you can see, Khao Lak Beach is a breath-taking beach to visit indeed. That's why it's one of the famous tourist attractions in Thailand.

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Wow, wonderful sunset pictures :-) For me it always has a romantic touch. Nature is so amazing and colorful.


Many thanks for your nice comment and for stopping by. I'm happy that you like these sunset pictures, too. I absolutely agree with you, "nature is so amazing and colorful", indeed. ;)

Wow it's a beauty and I will say It golden sunset. It's a photo for me and I still enjoying it a lot so sure it's an amazing feeling to see it Live. Such a wonderful moments and beautiful photography.


Thank you very much for your nice comment and for visiting my blog. Ah! Right words! It's "golden sunset", I totally agree. I'm glad to know that you enjoyed it a lot. ;)

I like the views. You are really good at this


Thanks a lot! I'm glad you like the views, too. ;)

Thanks for sharing beautiful beach scenes 😚😍 especially sun rise & sunset photography w/ steemit blockchain
Pls keep sharing your day w/ us


Thank you so much for your nice comment and for visiting my blog. The photos of sunrise and sunset are always my favorites, too. I'm glad you like these beach scenes. ;)

Thanks for sharing these excellent photos. Very nice sunset.


Thanks a lot! I'm glad you like the photos. I love this sunset, too. ;)

The sunset is really great, but visually the last photo caught my attention, I don't really know why, but it has a magic touch, the photo is taken at a good time, good Angle, the palm trees and the cabins, In a just dark tone, it contrasts with the sky that is still clear and on the horizon there are still some orange tones of the sun already saying goodbye. Definitely, I have no other word to describe that photo, it is simply magical.


Thanks so much for your nice comment. The last photo is my favorite photo, too. You described well the details of the beauty of the photo. I absolutely agree with you, "it is simply magical". ;)