New Jasmine plant in my Little Garden



It’s been a very long time since my jasmine’s death. (the big flower - the one that I use for my profile picture.) I only have a small jasmine plant in my little garden.

Luckily, a few days ago, a tree seller drove his pickup truck around my area to sell various kinds of plants.

There was only one jasmine plant among them and it immediately attracted my eyes because it looked outstanding with plenty of jasmine flowers on it.

I’m so happy that this new jasmine plant becomes now part of my little garden.

Most of them were just buds, and only two of them were in bloom at first. They gradually bloom daily. They are really gorgeous.










I’m not a good gardener, but I take care of my plants with all my love… And I believe that my new jasmine plant can survive as long as possible.

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Congratulations and good luck!!


Thank you very much for visiting my blog and for your kind wishes.

I can tell you treat them with love, I am not gardener either but I car about them too, you made a very beautiful pictures of your jasmine flower, the young ones look very cute

I really enjoyed the photographies

Thanks for sharing
My best regards


Thank you very much for visiting my blog and for your nice comment. I'm happy that you enjoyed the photos.




When you talk about the death of your jasmine , I remember the smell of the cemetery when my father died , it was jasmine , I do not know why this smell stayed in my memory , maybe because of the death of my father , when I saw the photo , I strangely remembered the smell


I'm sorry about your father. I know how you feel about the smell of the jasmine if it's related to the cemetery when your father died. It seems to be a bad memory for you. Sorry again, my friend.

A very nice white Jasmine flower. Good luck with the plant. If you take care of it with love, I am sure it will reward you with many blooms.


Yeah! I do really hope so.... Many thanks!

I have bad memories with that flower lol I wanted to smell it as a kid and a spider came out! I dont fear spiders now but that time yes! Lovely photos :)


Oh! That's really bad memories indeed... I myself also had bad memories about spiders and I'm afraid of them until now. Thanks a lot for stopping by and for sharing your experience with spiders with me. I'm glad you like the photos.