Old Willow Tree Finally Tips Over Into the Pond, 12th of January, 2019 (Before and After Pics)

2년 전

The only thing that is consistent in the world is change.

Following a lot of heavy rain yesterday, the old willow has finally tipped over into the pond. Before we look at those dreary photos though, I thought I'd go back to see what the tree looked like back in the summer of 2009 as it shaded the pond so elegantly nearly a decade ago:

Old Wilow 09.png

Now it's winter, wet and gloomy, and the next pictures of the old willow tree and its pond will be quite different. Things do change.



the tree will probably survive for a few more years like this

I've been watching this old tree slowly sag towards the pond over the last 10 years or so, and it was inevitable that it would end up in the soup one day. That day is here, the 12th of January, 2019. Now I will finally be able to walk up the trunk and over the water for no particular reason, or just sit on the new perch in the spring with the flycatchers, surrounded by frogs.

This tree falling into the pond is a landmark event around my little garden here. The tree was an iconic figure of the landscape, always leaning precariously over the pond, daring the wind and defying gravity every day of every year with each new winter's snowfall or deep spring rain. Now we can all relax, no more worries about trying to stay aloft all the time. We've embraced time, gravity, and the earth, and this was probably the plan all along.

images above from 2009 and 2019 by the little wild pond


thanks for looking in!

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Trees are like old friends, and it's sad when they go. As you say, the only constant in life is change. We lost our huge walnut tree a couple of years ago. Sad after a long time of providing shade and nuts. I did enjoy your take on your tree, and making a negative into a positive. I bet it keeps on growing, in some form or another, those things are hard to slow down. And using it as a frog-watching platform is a real positive. Enjoy your aperitif out on the long limb over the water.


This really is the only tree that I feel like I've communicated with, a subtle thing, but it's there quietly. I call the tree a 'she', since it seems like she's mothered over this little pond since I've lived here.

And I get to say "I saw it when" :) I do like how you've turned the sad event into an adventure, I would also find my way out to perch on it amidst the frog party (with a bowl in hand ;)


Yes! I'm happy that you got to experience the tree when it served as a shade canopy over the pond. Somewhere I have tons of pics of it, but could only find that one shot from 2009 when it was in its glory.

  ·  2년 전

Reminds me of this one ;)

Our one world will be saved by beauty

when we remember how to see
with the eyes of a child
into the golden heart of every living thing.

We will feel deeply
the earthly memories
etched into the mountains of home
the forgetfulness in the oceans heave, the forgiving

even the resilient oak,
resisting great winds and time, falls
to the wisdom of ages...

and thus we stand
with the aching of our souls
to behold the wondrous stellar nights

and before us now
and at every moment dancing
beneath the obscure shroud of
indignant hype, and mercurial spin

the simple saving grace

of a bird or a bloom or the heart
behind the eyes of an adversary, who
will be none other than our own shadow

dancing in anguish, waiting to be seen...


That's a good one, and it is fitting for the occasion.

That's too bad. Willows are such nice trees. Like you said though change is the only thing consistent and the tree falling was inevitable. A landmark event lol. Funny way of putting it

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I like that old tree a lot, I feel like we are friends now. Landmark! I didn't think about that when I wrote it, that was accidental cleverness I guess.

I get it! I grew up with a big old willow tree and had a tree house. Sad the lightning got it about 20 years ago. Thanks for sharing the photos and story @therealpaul


This tree is trying to duck any chance of getting hit by lightning, it'll probably live a while in this new position. It's not nearly as dramatic looking now, but at least there's no more worry or anticipation of its falling over.

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