23 Lions killed in last 21 days. Who killed them?

2년 전

Gir forest in Gujarat(India) is the last and only habitat for Asiatic Lions. This adorable species is the pride of State. However, this month proved to be disaster for big Cats.

According to wildlife experts Canine Distemper Virus(CDV) is one of the main causes behind deaths. This virus is primarily found among dogs. CDV is the same virus which wiped out 30% population of Lions in East Africa. The epidemic is slowly spreading across the forest.

Infighting among Lions to prove superiority over area is another cause for deaths.


Vaccinating dogs in the vicinity of Gir Forest.
Sanitizing the Wild Life area.
Isolation of Lions to prevent infighting.

Conservationists suggest reintroducing Lions in Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary of Madhya Pradesh. This way, total extinction of the Asiatic Lions can be averted. However, political opposition is coming in way to conservation.


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