Nature vs man

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Something that I have observed and thought about for the last few months is the very strong contrast that exists between how things work in nature and how things work in the human world that we have created. It is the difference that exists between what is natural and what is artificial, and that many times makes us think, when we see humans and their civilizations, that we act as if we were from another planet, as if we were opposed to nature. Of course, that is not true, but the truth is that many times it seems to be. And that is precisely because the modern human has a very artificial behavior, detached from his nature. Although first of all, I would like to define the word artificial, because most dictionaries define it as "what is made by humans", and I do not agree with that definition, because not everything that is made by humans is artificial, there are things that humans can do that are perfectly natural, because humans are part of nature, I do not think it is true that everything that humans do is necessarily artificial. I would define the artificial in another way, and I would say that it is "that which is done in a calculated, planned and/or premeditated way", because that is the main characteristic that differentiates what happens in the human artificial world and what happens in the natural world where other animals live. Everything that happens naturally and in nature is not premeditated but is spontaneous, not forced, real and not feigned.

The human can have a natural behavior if it is spontaneous, honest and real. Also can have an artificial behavior if he plans what he is going to do, if he does it in a calculated way and therefore feigned, because he is not acting naturally, if he is false and/or forced. Although artificial is not synonymous with "bad" for this, artificial is necessary, if you think that by acting spontaneously something is going to go wrong, it is probably better to do it in a planned way, or not to do it at all, that is another option. That is the reason why the artificial exists, because of fear, because of insecurities, someone acts or does something artificially for fear of doing it wrong naturally. For fear of erring by acting spontaneously. Due to inexperience, perhaps. The civilizations in which we live were formed, I think, based on fear, that is the reason why they are so artificial, for example, we store food for fear of not being able to get food tomorrow, or we build walls and ramparts out of fear of being attacked, that makes us have to act in a calculated way, planning what we are going to do, because we are afraid of dying.

Fear is not necessarily bad either, it is also a necessary emotion, we have it for something, sometimes it is good to feel it, however, living our lives based on fear I do not think it is the best, letting fear and our insecurities dominate us and make us act artificially and feigned is not good, I really believe that the best thing for humans is to act according to their own nature, to be real. To act naturally.

It's kind of obvious, but if you look at human behavior, it's not the general rule.

This is just one of the many other things that can be learned by observing how nature works and comparing it with how we do things. Seeing the nature we will discover that everything follows its own course, and that by following ours, we will be doing the best we can.

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