Last Autumn Mushroom hunting Report, while waiting for Snow

2년 전

Greetings dear Steemians,

This year Nature has really blessed us with all its products and it also gave us a lot of delicious and super healthy mushrooms. As you might know I've been around mushroom hunters ever since I was born and now it got to be a tradition I definitely will never stop sharing.

Normaly theres only really big hunting season in Autumn, but this year I started finding and getting free lunches in the middle of April, when nobody even thought about them. The conditions were perfect, we had long winter as ussual but we barely had any Spring, lot of rain and with the warm temperatures the conditions for growing mushrooms was perfect.

I can identify over 100 spicies local mushrooms and out of that 7 are super rere, but have massive health benefits over other edible mushrooms, and I collect around 30 spicies of mushrooms. I do know that some others are edible but I don't risk,most importantly I know those top 10 most poisonous/deadliest mushrooms I surely do avoid.

My number 1 rule at hunting mushrooms is always : only collect mushrooms I know very well and can identify it visually, by smell, location and its color/change.


I've been hunting local as well as in the mountain in the Autumn, mushrooms went krazy up there, you couldn't imagine. :)



Sometimes it took a very lovely hour walk to get myself some launch, other times I went to stretch out in the forest for 5 minutes and got rewarded with lounch and dinner.



Sometimes it almost feels like i meet new friends in the woods... :)


Now I have never seen this happen, two mushrooms growing out of one. I even asked my mum and my aunt and they haven't seen anything like it either.


Few days ago I heard on a podcast that today we know there is about 5 million species of mushrooms and that we only identified 10% of them.



I really do love walk in the woods, getting fresh air, some free exercise.. sometimes get lucky and also get rewarded.


Thank you Mother Nature.

50274346_2151642154858337_1077093835521130496_n (1).jpg

Many people don't know about this delicious beauty, the Dark cep or Bronze Boletus

I did give a mission to myself to find Lion's Mane this year hopefully! Let me know what's your favorite mushrooms ?

In hopes for a snow fall this weekend, have a great day and Steem on, till next time!

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