Wineberry Buds to Berries


Hi everyone! I am taking you back to my next-door neighbor's house, the one with all of the pine trees on the other side of my driveway and the one who grows Pokeweed. She also grows Wineberry (Rubus phoenicolasius) which is also known as Japanese Raspberry and I will show you the wineberry as it grows from buds to berries.

At the end of this past June, I noticed that the buds had formed. Ten days later, some of the berries were ripe. The wineberry shrub is native to East Asia and can grow up to nine feet tall.

This is one of those plants that you will want to look at and not touch because it is covered with sticky, reddish hairs and sharp spines. The sap loving insects don't have much of a chance because of these hairs and the hairs also protect the berries.

You will see a small white flower with the berry developing in the middle of it. Around the flower is the calyx which is covered with red hairs. When the flower is gone, the calyx remains and protects the berry.

When the berries are red, it is time to pick them. The berries are juicy and a bit sour, and they only last a couple of days after they are picked so freeze them for later if you wish to do so. You will want to keep these berries around because they are a good source of antioxidants, minerals, fiber and Vitamin C.

Wineberries can also be used to make deserts, jam and wine. Speaking of wine...let me tell you all of the health benefits of Wineberry wine.

1-Wine made from wineberry helps you to reduce weight because it accelerates the fat burning process.

2-The unique antioxidants protect against cell damage and also performs tissue repair.

3-It has been said that it prevents cancer from returning, especially skin and breast cancer.


4-It also protects your heart and liver.

5-It boosts your immune system and cuts down on the inflammatory process.

The information listed above was what I found in my research. Please do not take my word as the gospel truth and I implore you to do your own research.

To all of my friends around the world, lets raise our glasses to good health. Cheers! Salud! Salute! Prost! Siante! Sante! Kampai! Chok dee, Mabuhay! Gan Bei! Proost! Skal! Noroc!

All photos are my own

Information Source:,,,,

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Sounds like a superfood.


It sure does. Thanks for stopping by @creativetruth! : )

Nice photography!


Thanks so much and thanks for stopping by. : )

Very interesting info about this plant. I wonder if it would grow where I am in Zone 4, New England...


I was wondering the same! I thought this person was your neighbor since you shared it lol


I am glad that you found this plant interesting @goldenoakfarm. Yes! It will grow in Zone 4, New England. Good luck with it if you decide to grow it.

What beautiful pictures! And so informative. The mature berry looks like a raspberry. Is that a bee on the plant, right under picture #13? Looks like a yellow jacket.

Great job.I'm glad you're not going into remote places anymore...safer at the neighbor's house :)


Hi AG! Your comments always put a smile on my face. Thanks for that. : )
I don't see a bee but I am happy that you do. LOL!
HaHa! It is much safer at my neighbor's house and less exhausting too.

These berries grow in my yard and I love eating them so much! I made a compote with them back in late summer and everyone loved it.


Good for you! They are delicious. I have never made anything with them because I never get enough berries. I am sure your compote was delicious. Thanks for stopping by! : )

We have been cultivating a nice patch of wineberries on our little homestead too!
Last year the girls managed to eat nearly all the berries straight off the canes, but this year we got a few decent hauls. This was our 3rd year with them.

@cassidydawn loves to create in the kitchen and this year she made a delicious berry compote with wineberries and blackberries on sponge cake "cupcakes". As always our taste buds were tantalized to the last bites!

As a side note, she raced me to leave a comment here but only won because I was finding pictures! Gotta love the steemagers!


Steemagers...HaHa! Love it! And I love the looks of that delicious berry compote. I am salivating now. You sure did have a good haul. Thanks so much for the pictures and for stopping by. : )

@whatisnew very interesting plant In Fl we have cherries that are tart most people do not like them but I love them, I guess it depends on what you grow up eating


More cherries for you to eat @myjob. : ) Thanks for stopping by! : )

Es bueno saber. También me gustan las plantas que traen tantos beneficios al cuerpo humano. Y transmitir esa información es importante. Muchas gracias. Un abrazo.


¡Hola @gertu! Me alegra que haya encontrado esta información importante. Gracias por el abrazo Te mando un abrazo a ti también. : )


Es importante. Claro que lo es!! esa planta no la veo en mi lugar de habitad. Pero solo para el que conozca los beneficios para el cáncer. Eso es muy importante.
Yo soy sobreviviente de otro tipo de cáncer. Conozco muchas plantas, que a partir de mi enfermedad, conocí de sus propiedades. Las investigué y propago esa información. Está en las personas aceptarlas o no. Gracias por hacer lo propio.


Lamento mucho saber que tuvo cáncer y gracias a Dios que sobrevivió. Conozco a varios sobrevivientes que agregaron remedios naturales y uno que sobrevivió usando solo remedios naturales sin quimioterapia.


Esa noticia, si es genial. Sobrevivir sin quimioterapia, wuao. No conozco a nadie, con ese particular. Yo, soy fanática de la medicina natural.
Gracias, por sus buenos deseos.