katydid or gerpung

3년 전

katydid or garengpung is a term to all types of insects, insects is known as many members who issued a loud voice of the trees and last long.

in addition to katydid, another name also known as the pattern of the resulting sound. there is a call garengpung, insects have eyes facet lying separate far in his head and usually also have the Wings of invisibility.

shape sometimes like flies great, although there katydid is small. katydid live at the temperate climates to tropical, and very easily recognizable among other insects, especially since his great and acoustic extraordinary generated language of the equipment manufacturer sounds. plenty katydid had lifecycle influenced the season.

in Indonesia, sound katydid garengpun loud will appear at the end of the rainy season. katydid sometimes was calculated grasshoppers or fly large, although they do not have kinship close. katydid more have a close relationship.


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