Umiam lake

2년 전

This shot was taken by me three years ago on the visit of Meghalaya. It was really a very beautiful place for visiting. I think everyone should have to visit this place at least for once if possible. Whenever I remembered those moments I feel relaxed. Those moments are really very beautiful and strong in my mind, my visit to Meghalaya is one of my best visiting.

f/5 1/250 40mm ISO100


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very nice click, keep it up mate
thanks @thenuclear for shearing such a nice pic.


Thank you very much for your compliment

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Wow how beautiful.


Thank you for your comment

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very nice post keep it up


Thank you

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Perfect shot m8


Thanks for appriciating

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Such a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing this beauty.


Thx for appreciating

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another cool photograph from you !! the similar landscape is also can be found in mahabaleshwar

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Thx for sharing your opinion

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Nice post, and always stay creative...


Yes my friend

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Nice shot you have taken from camera. .

Wow wonderfull click @thenuclear