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What is going on everyone here on sportstalk I know it took me a long time to reach a million worth of sports staked as there were some problems, anxieties, depression that I faced and is still facing right now, welp that's life.

As I came across this platform steemit more than two years ago I've met new friends not only in my home country but globally as well, thanking all the person that help me to be a better individual is what I think I will cherished more than the skills I gained here.

Sports Talk is one of my scapegoat because I have this tendencies to overthink too much of things that I can't control so I am really thankful for this tribe and hope that it grow more than we anticipate or exceed our expectations, coz I think sportstalksocial can stand on its own with the help of each everyone of us.

By the way I write mostly basketball stuffs here so in return please drop your links of nba or basketball articles down below for me to upvote, percentage depends on the quality of your articles.

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Welcome to the club of SPORTS millionaires :D


wow! cool thanks man

So proud! Congratulations there buddy!

Good job my friend, I see ya' grindin away and respect you so here's to many more milestones to come, hope you're well

Well deserved achievement @julstamban. Next target should be 2 million. Achievable. Congratulations.

We are reminded that we have a long way to go. Congratulation buddy.

Congratulations 🎊 man, we celebrated 1 million Sports token a few weeks back as well.

Thats great achievement dear @julstamban. Now you have become a real whale in sports talk social. Keep it up, we all together will make sporttalk social great platform for sports blogging.

This is great achievement man.. With consistency you should hit 2m sports within the next two to three months

First: Congratulations!
Second: Please, vote this comment. I'm poor :'(

Welcome bro am working towards that too


Thanks to all of you guys every each one of you is part of my journey :D