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Hello friends. We all live in a very interesting time, in which technologies has helped humanity to solve the most difficult problems, for which a normal person sometimes has to spend a huge amount of time. And there are also tasks that only special institutions and design bureaus can solve. In such institutions, in addition to scientists, there are entire rooms with computers and special equipment. But even such institutions are not able to solve some problems. But for the further development of technologies, it is necessary to move to a new level in solving the most complex problems, and decentralization and artificial intelligence come to help humanity.

Decentralization is directly related to crypto-currencies and, in the first place, Bitcoin. It was with the advent of Bitcoin that the world learned about the new opportunities that open with blockchain technology. So the main advantages of this technology are invariability, reliability, and economy in the performance of transactions and other operations. You can not worry that someone will steal or change your data. Decentralization has brought the world to a new level.

The next step in the development was the ability to create decentralized applications using a blockchain. It immediately became clear that similar applications have the same advantages as blockchain technology itself. But even decentralized applications did not solve all the problems in the lack of capacity.

One of the priority areas that could solve this issue was artificial intelligence (AI). The study of AI was started a long time ago, but it was possible to achieve impressive results only today due to the combination of this technology together with blockchain technology. It is these developments that Nebula AI, which develops its own third-generation blockchain using artificial intelligence, is engaged in.

Nebula AI will provide an opportunity for everyone to access the computing resources of artificial intelligence at any time and from anywhere. It is the technology of this company that can unite and accumulate the necessary resources to solve problems of any complexity. Also, the developers of this blockchain will provide the opportunity to create decentralized software on AI, which will save considerable funds and time and without a doubt will play a positive role in the development of technology in general. It is applications on artificial intelligence that can solve any problem and are the most promising in terms of profitability and necessity.

The capacities for AI will be converted from the mining. In this ecosystem, there are three ways to earn money for the miner.

  1. Income from AI calculation. Anyone who has a mining farm (based on NVIDIA) will be able to set up their equipment to convert their HASH power to the computing power of artificial intelligence, which in the future can be allocated to solve any problems. This transformation is the most profitable.
  2. The income of the register. The algorithm based on Equahash supports the revenue of the register.
  3. The income of IPFS. Mining farms can be put into production mode in a dual, they can support the extraction of Sia and storj. IFPS can also be used to pay for data storage in AI calculations.

Nebula AI is already working with McGill University and Concordia University's research laboratory. Among other things, it is planned to start step-by-step cooperation with other research centers, especially in Canada due to cheap electricity and more favorable economic conditions. There are also several DAI applications already implemented:

  • Quant AI - a trading forecasting tool;
  • Analysis of mood AI-application for the processing of natural language, which identifies and extracts subjective information from the written text. So your handwritten text, whether word or sentence will be converted to a digital version;
  • Biomed AI is a medical imaging evaluation tool.

This company is only at the beginning of its journey but has already proved its consistency and properly placed priorities. The roadmap is not very detailed, but it contains all important events. So at the end of 2018, the mainnet Orion will be launched, which will mark the transition of the NBAI token to its own blockchain system, which will open new doors for creating its own DAI. It is planned that by the end of 2020 more than 500 DAI will be launched on artificial intelligence.

Before I started writing this article, I conducted a small analysis of the blockchain of projects and came to the conclusion that the Nebula AI in all respects surpasses other projects. So the launch of mainnet will be launched earlier than it was stated in the road map (other companies on the contrary constantly transfer the launch of the main network further and further). You can also see how the team is doing its work, which partnership agreements have already been concluded and what has been done at the moment and how technical support works.

As you know ICO from this company was successful and all unsold tokens were burned. Immediately after the end of sales, the first exchanges appeared and the price was higher than the price of ICO, which had a positive effect on the company's reputation. Currently, everyone has the opportunity to learn and test the demo version of the product at the following link (

Let's talk a little about the consensus algorithms that will be used in Nebula AI. Why do I say that these are algorithms, not 1 algorithm? And all because at the beginning of its development we will use the well-known POW algorithm by all of us, and in the future, we will use POG. POW will be used to provide stability, but in a full implementation of the architecture will be replaced by POG. POG will be built on the principle of distance and time. So, to solve the most complicated tasks of artificial intelligence, the time used for solving is very important. It is this algorithm that will look for the nearest nodes and connect them. The closer they are, the more effective they will be.

Thanks to this blockchain, everyone will have an opportunity to realize their plans from the entrepreneur to the research center. It is the AI used here that is the engine of progress and the starting point used to solve any problems. It is also important that Nebula AI is the first such platform in the world, using decentralization and artificial intelligence together. This ecosystem will allow developers in many areas to develop DAI with higher efficiency, reduced cost, and increased reliability.

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This publication is informational in nature. The article should not be seen as an investment recommendation or advice. Readers of this review article must make decisions based on their own judgments, taking into account financial circumstances, investment objectives and the risk limit before investing funds
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Always been interested in everything related to artificial intelligence, but there is also decentralization. I think it's gonna be a bomb!

A very interesting project. I liked. Thanks for the review.

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This is a very interesting project. I invested in it at ICO stage!


Then you earned a good profit)

I thank the author for the work, very sensible everything, immediately understood the essence of
the project, perhaps I'll think about investing

It was very interesting and informative to get acquainted with the project. I'll go to their site, read more. Thanks for the links!

artificial intelligence for today is a very cool sphere almost all projects associated with it collect soft soft

This is a very promising project. I hope he will be accompanied by luck and success! Thank you!

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Thanks for the description of the project, it is really very intriguing, I became interested in the project, because the sphere is more than profitable. I think we will make good money in a growing market!

Looks promising! I think the project has great potential!

This is a very promising project. I hope he will be accompanied by luck and success! Thank you!

Обзор очень хорошо передает всю суть проекта, спасибо за подробное описание, пожалуй приму участие.