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Our civilization is developing at a rapid pace, new technologies are constantly emerging - discoveries that change our lives are being made. Scientific institutes are trying to solve many problems, improve and raise the development of humanity to new heights. But not everything is as simple as it seems, despite the huge capacities aimed at researching such problems, there are problems that slow down and puzzle further development.

One of the primary problems that can give a tremendous impetus to the development of civilization is the creation of artificial intelligence (AI). Since the end of the 40s, attempts have been made by industrial research institutes to create a computer whose actions cannot be distinguished from the human mind. At present, AI is being introduced into many spheres of life, among which one can distinguish such as:

  • medicine - artificial intelligence helps to analyze, compare the information received and diagnose diseases;
  • industry - artificial intelligence allows you to automate virtually all processes associated with production. For example LG company since 2021 plans to start building new plants, where with the help of AI will be carried out both the purchase and control and even controlled wear and tear of equipment;
  • agriculture - AI is able to control the humidity, temperature, nutrients in the soil and even distinguish weeds from cultivated plants;
  • road traffic - in order to reduce congestion on the roads, artificial intelligence systems are used that determine the weather conditions, the flow of cars, accidents and much more.

Existing systems are quite far from perfect, they are difficult to truly call artificial intelligence. To create a perfect system, you need huge resources distributed throughout the world. And this is a problem.

The company Nebula AI offers its solution in the creation and development of artificial intelligence, using a decentralized blockchain system, integrated with the economy of sharing.

Existing problems of artificial intelligence

1. Greater degree of centralization

At present, cloud AIs are centralized, which creates a number of security problems. So Google and Amazon, who are leaders in cloud AI services, can at any time close access to their resources for their own benefit, and under the pressure of governments and other organizations. For example, Google was banned by the Chinese government, as a result of which Chinese users lost access to this service.

The blockchain is a decentralized protocol that reliably stores data through a distributed register. The data blocks in the system are shared by all nodes and each node shares rights and responsibilities. This technology ensures that it is impossible to disconnect the entire network as long as at least several network nodes are running. This allows you to create decentralized cloud services of artificial intelligence that can not be blocked.

2. Data privacy protection

Although centralized companies have different security agreements, it is difficult for companies to ensure data confidentiality and prevent information leakage. With any government request for data, the centralized company goes to cooperate with the government and transfers the necessary data. As a result, data security can not be guaranteed 100%.

The technology of the blockchain is based on the encryption algorithm, the peer-to-peer transaction and the information stored in each individual node. With a peer-to-peer chain-only owner of a private key can access certain information, while other users can not decrypt his data.

3. Maintenance costs

The costs of a centralized computing center depend to a large extent on the large staff of the workforce. The use of the blockchain system dramatically reduces the costs of servicing the staff of workers and also reduces the cost of computing power.

4. Efficiency of hash calculation

Currently, Ethereum, Zcash and other Proof of Work (PoW) consume a lot of power and hash calculations. The computing power of these GPUs can be used for artificial intelligence, and not just directed as a POW. A recent study shows that bitcoin mining consumes more electricity than the average daily electricity demand of 159 countries. Such a high level of energy consumption becomes an urgent task, which must be solved in the near future.

Objectives of Nebula AI

To improve the status quo of the current centralized cloud computing, Nebula uses decentralized blockchain technology to rent and distribute computing power around the world. The technology of blocked encryption effectively eliminates the problem of internal leakage and maintenance of distributed units of account, which significantly reduces the load on the service. Nebula has the following objectives:

1. General computing platform AI

Providers of artificial intelligence computing devices can not use all 100% of their computing power, which leads to idle resources. On the other hand, most users can not get efficient and economical AI resources. Nebula uses a single platform based on artificial intelligence, revealing its potential for both consumers and suppliers, using blockchain technology.

2. Physical computing units AI

The equipment used for mining can be converted into AI processing power, from simple hash calculations to more meaningful computation of AI tasks.

3. Built-in distributed IPFS storage

For decentralized applications of artificial intelligence, distributed file systems are required. The IPFS storage system developed by Nebula replaces traditional centralized cloud storage with the IPFS file system, which is both a protocol and a network of the same name designed to create an address, peer-to-peer storage method.

4. Training Center of Mechanical Engineer

Nebula AI plans to create a training center for research and development in the field of AI. By gathering specialists in the development, implementation, and training of artificial intelligence in one place, Nebula will create all conditions for successful work.

The Nebula ecosystem consists of two main components: the NBAI foundation and the NBAI system. The NBAI Foundation supports the development and management of platforms, AI laboratories and training centers. The NBAI system architecture, in turn, consists of developers, users, shopping centers and miners. Nebula AI not only provides a decentralized NBAI blockchain, but also offers a NBAI token exchange center.


  • CHARLES CAO is a co-founder of the company and holds a master's degree in electrical engineering and computer engineering. He previously worked in collaboration with SAP, Autodesk, Expedia and Paysafe.
  • QINHUI LIN is the technical director. Has more than 7 years of experience in consulting and developing services for banking institutions, such as Wells Fargo, GE Capital, and Laurentian Bank. The NBAI is responsible for programming artificial intelligence and integrating it with blocking technology.
  • TENGKE XIONG has more than a decade of experience in the development of artificial intelligence. Prior to joining Nebula, AI worked for several AI companies. He also founded his own AI research company and is now responsible for the architecture of the project.

More details about the rest of the team members and project advisers can be found on the official website.

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