We need all of us

2년 전

In dark times, there may be a tendency to change the direction of thinking about how wrong and irreparable the world is. Don't focus on that.


Apart from your control, there may be a tendency to feel weak thinking about what is not possible and what is not possible. Focus on that. This is to waste the wind without opening the sails. For all we know, we need all of us.

Our task is not to fix the whole world at once, but to extend as much as we can access a part of the world for repair. Any soul that a soul can do, tiny and calm can help another soul, it would be sufficient to help someone in this poor suffering world.

This behavior is necessary for a dramatic change, to increase, to increase, and to continue adding more. We know that to bring justice and peace to the earth is not everyone's mortar, but the first, second or hundredth storm does not give up a small group can not give up.


It is undoubtedly safe when a large ship is anchored in the port, but large ships are not built for this.

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