Latest blanket continued

3년 전

So last week I posted blanket so here is the update


I’m onto the border before I weave in all those ends I’m just repeating the same colours in a granny stripe border


But in true Dani fashion I can’t finish one project without starting another so I started an entrelac Tunisian crochet blanket as I loved the pattern for my latest blanket but I’m not fond of sewing I’ve found.


I taught myself Tunisian crochet last year from YouTube and created a small project.


I’m having fun with everything I’m doing lately.


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Just stunning. And so comfy!

My hugely talented wife is awesome.


I’m happy that I have a very supportive husband xx

I can totally identify myself with having a few crochet projects on the go @danielles 😊 : some I can do in the car; some I need a table for and so on...
I have made a few scarves using tunisian crochet and I've seen entrelac, but I've never tried it... Can you suggest a good tutorial ?


This is the first time I’ve tried entrelac I used for the tutorial. I can completely agree with you I’ve got car projects for waiting around for the kids and I’ve got big projects for tables and I’ve got life long (it seems) projects.


Thanks for the link @danielles 🌺

Hi @danielle. It also happens to me, I always have several crochet projects in development. I loved the colors of the blanket and the layout of the paintings. Greetings from Venezuela.


Thank you I used the colours that I got from Aldi in the uk.

I like the colours and the design of your first blanket. I want to learn Tunisian crochet too but already have too many things happening. It is really pretty though.


I’m sure you’ll get around to trying it I think the entrelac is a good starting point for Tunisian crochet as they’re small squares and if you don’t like it you only have to undo a little :)

Wow every monday I get to see different varieties of crochet designs. Yours really is lovely I must add, I really like the way you combined the colours. No doubt the blanket would be as cosy as it looks.
Granny stripe border, Dani fashion, Tunisian crochet , I am hearing these names for the first time. The techniques look really nice.


Thank you for the lovely comment, it is comfy as I sit under it while doing the border. And the Tunisian crochet is fairly new to me too :)

The granny blanket is beautiful! You worked really fast on it! That’s good you are keeping yourself busy. I like all of the projects you have shared with us. Tunisian crochet is very pretty~


Thank you I do keep myself busy with crafts it’s very calming for me :)


That’s really good. I feel the same way :)

This looks so gorgeous, I love the colours, really good combination.


Thank you

Each knitted item @denielles has always been the concern of everyone because the results are very good


Thank you 🙂

Wow. This is fabulous. I absolutely LOVE the way you've worked those colourful squares together.

I've not tried Tunisian crochet yet. Is is difficult?

PS the cat is hilarious in the head lampshade XD


Oh, I can so relate to starting a second project before finishing the first one!! that blanket you are making is beautiful l. The colors almost look like they're radiating outward.