Lemon peel stitch - crochet

4년 전

Last week I missed #needleworkmonday I was so deep in learning a new stitch and I enjoyed it so much.

I found a jumper that would take 4 hours to make. Hmmm nope .... but I am a lot bigger than the size given.
In the uk I’m about a size 20 due to heath I’m finding it hard to lose the weight I’d like to.


I hate shopping for clothes as I don’t like the size I am and so I don’t. I needed a new jumper so decided to leap outside my comfort zone and make one.

So this jumper pattern was amazing I absolutely love it the jumper in question didn’t take 4 hours to make it took me 6 days on and off while working around my daily stuff.

I had so much fun I took it where ever I went and felt like staying up past exhaustion to try to complete it. My husband had to remind me that “it will still be there tomorrow”.

I have finished it and love my jumper it’s baggy and so comfy I made the sleeves quite baggy so I don’t feel like a sausage (squeezed into it).


As soon as I’d finished the jumper I needed to think of how to use the lemon peel stitch on another project I decided to pull apart my red camo granny square blanket and started my new lemon peel red camo king size blanket. It’s so relaxing as it’s super easy and working up very quick.


I bought a new crochet hook to start my blanket it’s a size 15mm. I ordered it from eBay and it said it might take 2 weeks to get to me I thought that was fine for the £2.30 price well I was so happy when I received it after 2 days.


I sat in bed with my new hook and a new ball of red camo Aran.


I chained till it was the width of our bed plus a little so it will drape each side.

My Purdy helping me with my blanket.

I made sure the number of chains were even plus 1. Then I started the lemon peel stitch it’s easy a single in the second chain then a double in the third and then single in the fourth and double in the fifth and so on alternating single and then double to the end finishing the row on a double.
I chained 1, turned my work then started again with a single in the top of the doubles and doubles in the singles of the previous row and that’s it! I’m still working on my blanket and have I mentioned I love this stitch.


I found a new person to follow on Facebook and YouTube called Heart Hook Home. I found the jumper pattern on Pinterest from this person and her instructions are brilliant and help with making the jumper bigger or smaller.

This is a close up of the stitch for my jumper and I used a 10mm hook.


This is a close up of the stitch for the blanket and this was with the 15mm hook.


I’ll post about the finished blanket when I’ve done might be a while yet though.

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Wow, how awesome is that! The new stitch looks like it's going to be used a lot in your work - can't wait to see the finished blanket, too.

I admire anyone who can knit/crochet/sew using a pattern - I couldn't follow one if my life depended on it, lol.


I’m not going off a complete pattern for the blanket just using the stitch :)

The jumper looks great and that blanket is going to be huge! I haven't crocheted much so it amazes me how fast those blanks can be made when compared to knitting. Great color choices!


Thank you I love multi coloured yarn so I don’t have to pick when to change colours etc and yes it’s going to be huge but snuggly :)

Love the look of the new stitch! Purdy looks comfortable on the blanket! Pretty cat! Glad the jumper turned out so well.


She purrs so loud it vibrates though me while I'm crocheting

Love you


Love you too xx so glad you’re on here

I absolutely love your jumper!!! Very nice colors!!! Very beautiful stitching on your bed blanket!!! 😃